Why Accusing Trump of Hating Mexico is Hypocritical

Trump has recently taken a lot of heat for supposedly saying bad things about Mexicans. Whilst we can agree that some of those things where not nice, we want to draw attention to what others are implying, but not actually saying, which is also not so nice. What others are implying with their words and actions might actually reveal that they subconsciously have a much worse attitude or mental outlook towards Mexicans than Trump ever had.

For instance, a lot of celebrities and liberals said they would leave the US if Trump won the election. They said they did not want to have a “racist president” who says bad things about Mexicans.

What is interesting to notice is that a large portion (if not the entirety) of these people said that they would leave for Canada, not Mexico.

They do not like someone saying bad things about Mexicans but their own words/threats imply negative things about Mexicans. Now, if Mexico was equally a good option one would think that at least half of them would have chosen Mexico instead. Or perhaps more than half since these people claim to like diversity and new cultural experiences so much.

Another interesting observation is what the millions of Mexicans that are leaving Mexico are implying about Mexico.

The millions of Mexicans that abandon their country sort of prove that Trump has a point. Again, Trump is saying something that is considered bad but millions of Mexicans themselves are implying that something is wrong with Mexico by leaving (and not wanting to return).

If Trump is totally wrong then why would it be bad to deport illegal immigrants to Mexico? And why aren’t any leftist celebrities threatening to move to Mexico?

That being said, it is important to stress that we are not trying to belittle or badmouth the Mexican people or their country. We are simply pointing out the contradictions coming from the anti-whites.

Celebrities/liberals do not want to move there and millions of Mexicans have fled the country. With their own actions, all of these people, both Mexicans and celebrities/liberals, are implying that something is wrong with that country. But if Trump says it, they are all up in arms, condemning him and calling him racist.

We call that hypocrisy.

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