Anti-White of the Year 2016

One of our main purposes here at This is Europa is to highlight the phenomenon of the anti-white mindset and the many consequences it leads to.

New Year’s eve is a time where most people like to look back on the year and discuss or think about important things that have occurred. We would like to follow this tradition and spread further awareness of the issue of the anti-white mindset by presenting the anti-white of the year and other nominees who, in various ways, have had a great impact in spreading the anti-white mentality and anti-white policies.

All the nominees below have been suggested by our followers.


Anti-white of the Year 2016 Award goes to:

Angela Merkel

When we asked our community who deserved the title “Anti-White of the Year”, the resounding answer was “Merkel”. Perhaps this should not come to any one as a surprise. Over the years, Merkel has made herself notorious with her extreme liberal attitude regarding the foreign immigration policy which allows migrants into Germany (and rest of Europe).

She has opened the German borders like no other Chancellor before her, and the consequences of her policies have been devastating for the German people. During the last year we have witnessed tragedies such as the Cologne incident and, more recently, the terrorist attack at a Christmas market in Berlin. Whilst these policies are by no means anything unique to Germany (unfortunately), no one can deny that Angela Merkel has had a devastating influence on immigration policies not only in Germany, but also in the rest of Europe as well, as she has been an important figurehead in the debate on letting in those from the Third World. As a result of these policies, may have suffered.

Trending image of Merkel after the Christmas terrorist attack in Berlin.

Since the last terrorist attack in Berlin, people have demanded (once again) that she should leave office with immediate effect and a picture of her with bloody hands is spreading across the country like wildfire.

We can’t think of anyone more deserving of the title of anti-white of the year more than her.


Other nominees:

George Soros

The Chairman of the Soros Fund Management is a well-known supporter of American progressivism and American liberal political causes. He is one of richest people on Earth and , apart from aggressively advocating open borders for Europe and other Western white countries, Soros has also been caught funding anti-white movements and rioters, such as the anti-Trump rallies in the US after the presidential election (basically just to cause as much chaos as possible in an attempt to de-legitimise Trump).

Even the PM of Hungary has expressed his belief that Soros was largely responsible for aiding the “migrant crisis”, a.k.a. flooding Europe with people from the Third World. That alone makes him worthy of being on this list.

Pope Francis

Being a religious figurehead and “God’s representative on Earth” hasn’t prevented Francis from appearing at the forefront of the political debate and taking an anti-white stance on current issues regarding immigration and foreign policies in Europe and other white countries across the globe.

During the year he has made many statements that can only be deemed as being in favour of anti-white policies. He has repeatedly expressed that he supports open borders and the desire to “tear down walls”. He has been a strong opponent of Donald Trump and his initiative to secure the Mexican/US border and prompted people in Europe to accept the current waves of non-stop Third World immigration, including Muslim immigration.

Isn’t it strange that a Christian leader would promote a blended non-white/non-Christian future in Europe? Unless he is anti-white of course.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has been active in politics for decades, and the fact that she might be one of the most corrupt politicians in our time is not really news to anyone by now after all the revelations from Wikileaks. Nothing she has ever supported or worked for has ever been favourable to our people. If she had won the election instead of Trump, we would bet everything we have that anti-white policies would continue to multiply and that the demographic change in America would become increasingly catastrophic. Not to mention that her foreign policies would result in more refugees coming to Europe/Western countries thus worsening the consequences we already see today.


So there you have it. Time will tell which ones will feature on this list next year, as unfortunately the anti-white mentality will most likely not have been eradicated by then. Did you agree with our list? Are there other nominees that we didn’t mention that deserve to be on the list? Comment below!


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