How To Become The Person Everyone Likes And Respects In Your Community

Having the right outlook and mindset is key when it comes to achieving personal growth and winning influence. We have previously discussed that we, as pro-White Europeans, should let go of any frustration or hatred that we may carry if we ever hope to inspire others in our community to join our cause. Instead, we should be examples of the change we want to see. After all, people do not respond well to negativity.

How is this achieved?

First, realise that we cannot force other people to adopt our values, but we can inspire them to integrate them if our values are superior. If your values are superior people will be inspired by them. Likewise, if they are inferior nobody will follow your example.

Remember the magic formula:
Everything you are against weakens you, everything you are FOR builds you up.

By focusing on what you are for, rather than what you are against, you will inevitably inspire and attract others. It is by having this approach that This is Europa has been able to become mainstream. We advocate healthy European ideals, the beauty of our homelands and of the consequences of non-stop Third World immigration that is White genocide daily. If you follow our channels, you will notice that we have a very positive message in our videos and our other work. We do not ignore the negative aspects (after all we highlight the issue of White genocide), but we do not get drowned in negativity either. We simply state what is happening and point out contradictions. We have let go of our negative emotional attachment. We choose to focus on what we are for rather than what we are against. This is the key to attracting and influencing people.

Our message is nothing unique, but we are the only pro-White movement we know of with a mainstream audience. We have all kinds of students all over the world joining our community: middle aged women, all kinds of gentlemen and even ex-liberals who have come to their senses and in some cases even THANKED us for what we do. This has only been possible by following the formula above.

If you go around being afraid, defensive or aggressive most of the time, most people will not listen to you, especially not social people. Only those who are already bitter and angry about the issues we address will absorb your frustration and find something in common to hate. These people should not be your target audience in terms of recruitment. It should be people who are genuinely sociable and positive.

I myself am an intellectual European man in my mid-twenties, who studies at University and socialises with all kinds of people every day, including leftist and liberal students, and I usually come across as a likeable person to them. Think about it. I am 100% pro-White and open with what I think and my values, yet leftist people like me as a person, and sometimes want to follow my example, because I have a positive and confident approach as well as superior values in many respects.

If I can come across in a positive way, so can you!

Here’s how you do it:

You have to learn tolerance. And by “tolerance” I do not mean in the liberal sense that we should accept immigration or tolerate intolerant behaviour. You should always have respect for yourself and no one has the right to treat you badly. We humans are all different, but that does not mean one has the right to look down on others in a demeaning way. You should try to be open minded with people you meet, and accept their presence by acknowledging what they say. Everybody wants to feel like they are being listened to. This does not mean that you have to agree on everything they say, especially if it is something bad, but you should be aware of the individual’s positive qualities and show that you can tolerate their faults.

If you do not realise this and approach people with a bag of critical opinions, you are wasting your time.

You have to encourage yourself to feel love for other European people no matter what state they are in or emotional scars they might have, even if they are “politically correct” or degenerate. You have to look beyond people’s bad attitudes and understand that they would be great people if society was not as rotten as it is right now. If you are awake and pro-White, you already know this to be true, so do not judge them. Be friendly and loving in an authentic way. It takes practice and it is very hard if you really hate some people’s attitudes or the way they behave. But to win their trust and be able to influence their thinking, you have to be able to distinguish between people’s negative behaviour and who they are as a person, and be an example of something better yourself. Being an example worth following will take a lot work but it is a great opportunity for personal growth and character- building!

Ask yourself, what kind of person would you follow and look up to? Be that man/woman. When you are able to inspire others with your own character, you can rest assured that they will listen to you and respect you.

You know your values. You know where you stand and you do not have to excuse yourself or convince people of what you aren’t. Even if you are afraid that they will see you as something bad, do not act on that fear. If you see yourself as the practical necessary evil guy then you have lost before even opening your mouth. If someone says anything anti-White, then you should comment that it sounds anti-White. But you do not have to be extreme or abusive in any way by stating what you feel, just be objective and tell a moral truth. Just like we do when we address the issue of immigration!


All people that you meet do not live and die by specific ideals. Most people just say and do things that they think are expected of them depending on the situation. If you know where you stand morally and have superior values, then you will become an inspiration in your community!




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