The Different Types of Anti-Whites

We have already written about the anti-White mindset, where we define who is anti-White or not, as well as different ways to tell if someone is anti-White. However, many people forget that anti-White sentiment can come from anywhere or anyone. Anti-Whites are not a collective or a specific group of people. They can come from completely different backgrounds and ideologies or cultures, and more often than not being anti-White is their only common denominator.

The anti-White mindset can manifest itself in any ideology, as this article will aim to show you. Listed below are the different types of anti-Whites. Note that some of them may, at first glance, seem to go hand in hand as their underlying mindsets are the same, but they differ in terms of how they express themselves. They might even be anti-White for seemingly different reasons on a conscious level but they all share the same subconscious anti-White core belief system; that we Whites are essentially evil and that the world would be a better place without us.

Note, however, that the categories listed below are those in which anti-Whites can typically be found, not that all those belonging to them are anti-White. There are, for example, many pro-Whites who are Christians, capitalists, etc. However, people with an anti-White mindset can be roughly divided up into these categories.


One world - Refugees Welcome

The Liberal/Socialist anti-White

This is perhaps one of the most common types of anti-White we see today. liberal/socialist anti-Whites are certainly the ones being heard the most in the media and in the political debate in the majority of Western countries.

Like all anti-Whites, they have a subconscious goal to do away with White people. But on a conscious level, their main argument is typically that they want to help refugees, no matter the costs and consequences. In their conscious world, they are not anti-Whites who want to do away with White people. They are in their own eyes good people who want to help others in need. They believe, or at least claim, that diversity is a strength and that we must have diversity for the sake of having diversity. “Diversity”, of course, means less White people, as only White areas, schools, workplaces etc. are considered to need more of it.


That we are becoming a minority in our own countries and that there are many ways to help people that do not have to lead to a world without White people does not interest them. As a matter of fact, they would most likely consider it to be a good thing.


The Marxist/Communist anti-White

This category of Anti-Whites is very similar to the liberal/socialist type, the difference being that they are typically a more extreme version of the above. They use similar arguments for open borders, which are often empathic. They want everything for everybody. “No human is illegal” is a common justification for White genocide/open borders.

They tend to be more prone to violence than the other anti-White types. At the very least they have a much more aggressive rhetoric than other anti-Whites as they are often very open with their anti-White hatred.

Anti-White and Marxist Harvard professor Noel Ignatiev is a good example of this category. Notice how blunt he is.

Anti-Whites belonging to this category are often more consciously anti-White compared to other types who are anti-White on a more subconscious level.


Anti-Whites belonging to this category are often more consciously anti-White compared to other types who are anti-White on a more subconscious level.


Jesus, Mary, Joseph the most famous refugees - Refugee Action protest 27 July 2013 Melbourne

The Religious anti-White

Many would think that muslims are the obvious representatives of this category, since we are faced with a contemporary threat of radical muslim groups and terrorists such as ISIS, and many muslims certainly have a genuine hatred of the Western World (notably the USA) and our cultures. However, muslims are typically not anti-White, they are usually just pro-Islam. Or anti-Christians/infidels. Since their hatred for the West is mainly cultural and religion based, and not race based, their core belief system is not anti-White in itself.

The pope is known for promoting open border policies into White countries. Lately he stirred up a debate as he confronted Trump’s idea to build a wall at the Mexican border.

Instead, anti-Whites belonging to this group are more often than not Christians since they belong to the dominant religion in the Western World, and for the past few decades leading Christian leaders have promoted anti-White ideals. “What refugees would Jesus send back?” is a common justification amongst anti-White Christians for more non-stop immigration. They typically say that it is about love and building bridges but their arguments still lead to a world without White people.

The claims they make to justify open border policies are quite similar to the ones used by the liberal/socialist anti-White. It is just that they tend to mix religion into their arguments.


Anti-White Zionists, such as Barbara Spectre, who frequently and aggressively demand open borders for White countries (but not for Israel) fall into this category as well. They are quite similar to the Marxist type in their approach, as they are very blunt when describing what they want.

The Libertarian/Capitalist anti-White

There are many people who benefit financially from current immigration policies in the West. By opening our borders and importing a mass of Third Worlders, the number of unemployed people who are more willing to work for less will increase. A person from the Third World is probably happy, or at least used to, a lower salary than most people here in West, which results in cheaper labour for the anti-White capitalist.

Other ways anti-White capitalists benefit from our genocide is by investing in the so called “Asylum industry”. They buy up property, even mansions, and rent them out to the state to house non-white immigrants, earning hefty profits in the process.

Despite all the schemes and scams, the main motivation for the anti-White capitalist is to achieve an almost endless supply of cheap labour, ultimately to increase profit. This makes them stand out from the other types, as they are not ideologically anti-White in the same way the liberal/marxist anti-Whites are, for example.  They often claim it is “good for the economy”, or that it will “boost our economy” in order to justify these policies.


Nigel Farage, Leader, UK Independence Party (UKIP)

The Conservative anti-White

This category might surprise some of you, why should conservatives be on this list? Well, the fact of the matter is, not all people with an anti-White mindset are members of the political left. Many in the political right want to appear “respectable” to the leftist establishment and to the mass media in hopes of winning approval.

Some believe that these conservatives are not what they appear to be, that they are in reality pro-White with hidden pro-White agendas. Regardless of this, their arguments are still anti-White. Respectable conservatives typically claim that they are against the current immigration policies because of the reason that too many are coming in too quickly. They want to limit immigration so that the immigrants who are already here in our countries can be more easily integrated or assimilated before we take in more.

Mattias Karlsson from the Sweden Democrats is a typical example of an anti-White conservative as he is known for eliminating popular inter-party competitors and taking on a fraudulent “anti-racist approach”.

Their emphasis is on culture and tradition, not our people. They believe, or at least claim, that everyone can be “Swedish”, “British”, “French”, etc, by just adopting our cultural beliefs and our way of life. They only want to deport immigrants who commit crimes, and they want to assimilate immigrants that behave according to our laws and culture. Islam is their focus, not the fact that we are becoming a minority in our own countries. And they will scream “racist nazi” at anyone who opposes the current immigration policies just like any other anti-White would do.

To quote a member of UKIP: “UKIP has never been ‘anti-immigration’. We are anti-uncontrolled immigration”.

Although they say that immigration is occurring at too high a rate, they still work towards the same aim as all the other anti-Whites. We will still become a minority even if we had less liberal immigration policies. On top of this, they want us to be drowned in a melting pot, i.e. they still support policies leading to White genocide.


So there you have it, the most common types of anti-Whites. Although they are seemingly different to one another, and use different arguments, they all favour more immigration, integration and assimilation. They all favour policies that lead to us Whites becoming minorities in our countries.  In other words, they all support policies leading to White genocide.

Note that these expressions used by these different categories of anti-Whites are on a conscious level, but subconsciously they all share the same anti-White belief system.

We will explore and present more detail regarding the differences between their subconscious and conscious ways of thinking in a future article.

Read more about anti-Whites here:

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Good analysis. I’m particularly pleased to see the conservative Anti-White category, a group I know so well as some of them are also friends though as time rolls on, and our extinction progresses, I find it more difficult to remain friends unconditionally.

Personally, I dislike the fact that majority of white people are so shallow when it comes to value things today. “Welcome refugees” meaning that all our homelands should be swamped with third worlders and we become minority in our own countries is not valueing our identity and roots of our people, our toghetherness, culture and freedoms. I’ve met christian people who are obsessed with “helping refugeees”, it is a cult for them to do these things so that they can boost for each other how moral they are, where they on a subconsous level feel that they have to compensate… Read more »

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