How to Counter the “Go back to Europe!” Argument

If you are a person who openly opposes non-stop mass immigration into all & only white countries, and don’t agree with the so called “anti-racists” (a.k.a anti-whites) that we should become a minority in our own homelands, you have most likely come across numerous arguments trying to justify such policies. One of them is the typical “Go back to Europe” argument, which is often heard in white majority countries outside of Europe.

The reasoning behind the argument is that you shouldn’t complain about immigration since you, or rather your ancestors, were immigrants as well. Otherwise you are a hypocrite. That’s the gist of it at least.

Anti-whites always think they are clever when they shove this in your face, and it can be a difficult argument/justification to counter if you don’t know what to say, especially if you are a white person living outside of Europe for obvious reasons.

Now, you COULD argue that America (or insert random European established ex-colony) was founded by whites for whites, that all nations are founded on occupied lands, and that the intention was never to have multiculturalism like we have today.

However, if you do you are missing the point.

We have to remind ourselves that the persons blurting out such arguments are people with an anti-white mindset and that they are simply just trying to justify an open border policy that is aiming to make us become a minority in our countries. That’s it. They don’t really care who was were first.

Think about it. Europe was white to begin with, but we would never hear any anti-white person argue that Europe could remain white. It’s not like we hear them say “You want Germany to remain a white majority? That’s fair, it was white to begin with and it’s the native land of the Germans”. It never happens.

If someone thinks that whites have no claim to America, for example, due to us white people originating from Europe, then how can the same person turn around and justify white genocide in Europe as well?

Europe has always been a continent of white nations, which cannot logically be contested. Therefore, why do not whites at least have a claim to their own continent of origin?

The only rational way to explain the contradiction is that the person making the argument is anti-white, and doesn’t really care about the demographic history of any nation.

And if Americans, Australians, Canadians etc. fall for the argument that “you stole the land so therefore you have no right to it”, anti-whites will continue using that argument.

If Americans begin to say “well, should Europe be white then?” and point out the contradictions like we did above, then anti-whites will stop using that argument. Or at least expose them of what they are: anti-white.

This logic way of thinking is not just for Americans of course, but for everyone including us in Europe.

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ah, this article is so stupid – you’re missing the whole point of “go back to europe” comment. The point is that telling any American to go back to their “home country” doesn’t make any sense, just like telling a white person to go back to europe doesn’t make any sense.


Europe is a fake name and has no basis to it.if we get really technical about it white people are not a ancient race nor is that place you whites claim as Europe a separate continent from Asia. by waters its a giant landmass by tectonic plate and whites are not a indigenous race to that continent. pre indus valley civilization which is the Indians are so get out of their lands and quit using their inventions of language,education and religion. America is not a white land whites are illegal since 1492 whites removed the indigenous native tribes off their… Read more »

Salvatore Lucania

Personally, I’m less concerned with the income of immigrants, but rather the rate at which it’s happening. Still, at the end of the day, a country, just like any adult needs to be held accountable for its actions and that’s what we’re seeing with all of this immigration business: the result of actions taken by reckless governments.

Jacob Hall

Great article that goes straight to the point. I know that here in the U.S. many people believe that we are special as a nation of immigrants. Obviously, America had a very different immigration code before the 1960’s. Like this article said, it’s important to point out what is happening in all the other white countries when talking about immigration to the United States. Once someone connects the dots and see this is not just happening to the U.S., it’s hard to buy the argument that America is such a special place for immigrants.

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