How to Reverse White Genocide
An Outline for Practical and Peaceful Solutions

Many people are frustrated over the situation our people are currently in. The mass immigration from the Third World into the West is beginning to take its toll. Not only economically and in terms of safety, but most importantly demographically, as we see ourselves becoming a minority in our own countries, which is defined as genocide as per the UN international Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Crime of Genocide. We have already written about this phenomenon that is referred to by many as “White genocide” here, which we recommend you read first. After all, in order to solve something you first need to have an understanding of it.

In this article, we aim to present practical and peaceful solutions to the challenge presented by Whiter Genocide. Keep in mind, though, that understanding the grave importance of the situation we are in is of paramount importance. If we continue down the path set by the anti-White mentality, the result will be White genocide.

A future for everyone

Is it possible to stop White genocide? What would happen if we began to reverse it? What do we do with immigrants already here? And what would reversing White genocide actually entail?

It would look like Pakistanis living with Pakistanis in Pakistan, Chinese living with Chinese in China, Africans living with Africans in Africa and Arabs living with Arabs in Arab countries. When we think about it that way – would it really be inhumane? Only if you have a negative and prejudiced view of the Third World.

The result of this might look like some stereotypical political correct image of different races and different cultures coexisting peacefully in different nations. So if you saw Earth from space, you could see the diversity of races and cultures. After all, being forced to mix together in a melting pot does not benefit global diversity (if anti-Whites were not anti-White and actually believed in what they say about diversity, they would support this view).

Whilst we have no intention of focusing on the preservation of, for example, Chinese culture, (as we want to focus on the future of our people) we wish Asians, Africans, Arabs and all other non-white races the very best in building a great culture for themselves. After all, a future for our people does not exclude a future for other peoples.

How to reverse White Genocide?

As for the practicalities, it is not as if we lack the technology to build walls and fences to stop massive amounts of immigrants crossing our borders, or that we lack the means of long-distance transportation which could help them return to their homelands. In the last decades we have had a wave of migration to the Western World, and in the decades ahead we could imagine such a wave in the opposite direction. It is really not more complicated than that.

Of course, what is stopping people from wanting to reverse White genocide is not that we lack the practical means to do so, it is the psychological obstacles many people have.

So it is important to realise that the challenges here are not really practical ones, but, rather, psychological in nature.

What are the psychological obstacles?

Many people have a perception that White genocide cannot be reversed, either because it is “too late/has gone too far” or that “it would be too inhumane to do so”.

As regards the latter, we have already explained that a future for our people does not exclude a future for other peoples, and that it would not be inhumane for Asians to live with Asians in Asia or for Africans to live with Africans in Africa and so on. Allowing a future for all peoples is not inhumane, but denying ours certainly is.

Other obstacles people might have may include questions such as; what to do with the immigrants already living here? What if they are assimilated or integrated and speak our native languages and have grown up here?

We have all heard politically correct arguments in favour of immigration. The people who call themselves “anti-racist” (i.e. anti-Whites) use all kinds of arguments to justify policies leading to White Genocide. Funnily enough, these arguments work both ways – if we assume that they are true.

For example, it is often said that immigration boosts our economies. Some anti-Whites have argued that we benefit financially from attracting highly educated people from the Third World; that we need them for healthcare and labour, since our countries are supposedly lacking resources in those regards. But if these people are good for our economy then they would most certainly be good for the economy of their countries of origin, which may be in greeter need of an economic boost.

As for the immigrants already living here, when we started enacting these mass immigration policies, we were told that it would be exciting to experience ‘cultural enrichment’. Therefore, should it not also be exciting for immigrants to experience a new country or their country of origin? After all, if they managed to integrate or assimilate in our countries, then they can certainly be reintegrated or re-assimilated in their homelands.

Granted, we often hear the reason they should not return to their homelands is because it would be cruel to force them, especially considering that many people still misguidedly believe that they would return to a place of war and poverty.

However, if this really is one’s view of all of Africa and the rest of the Third World, then he or she should work on his/her prejudices. A person thinking this way is demonising the whole Third World, as there is not war in all of Africa and there are plenty of good places to live in that are not predominately White.

So you see, what has been said in favour of migration into White countries can equally be said in favour of migration out of White countries. If these politically correct statements are not true, then we have been lied to.

Keep in mind that not all people who might have reservations about reversing White genocide are consciously anti-White; they may simply not want to feel like they have to be a “necessary evil”. In order to change people’s mindset, we need to change the way they think; that it is not inhumane for Asians to live in Asia, Africans to live in Africa or Arabs to live in Arab countries. A future for our people does not exclude a future for other peoples, and allowing every racial group to have a future is not inhumane but denying our people a future is.

Is it morally wrong or morally right to want a future for one’s people? Most people would agree that it is morally right.

The question, then, is why would immigrants or the people who call themselves “anti-racist” not agree? Why should they not be able to see it from our perspective? Since non-Whites are human beings just like us, why should they not be able to feel empathy?

Over what time span can this be reversed?

Since White genocide is morally wrong, and reversing it is indeed possible with practical and peaceful solutions, the only question that remains is how quickly should White genocide be reversed?

The migration we have had into Europe has lasted some decades, so logically it could also be reversed over some decades. Of course, this process could be carried out faster than that, maybe over the time span of 10 to 15 years. It is really just a matter of discussion as several options are available.

We have to remember that technology and means of transportation are getting better and better every year. 100 years ago, travelling from Africa to England entailed a long and arduous journey. But in today’s world, that trip could be made with one single flight. The world is becoming smaller in that regard.

Future outcomes

Some people believe that, in the near future, a great war between the races, or some type of clash of civilizations, is an inevitable outcome of the present mass immigration policies and their consequences. However, we do not believe that either of these outcomes are either necessary or good for anyone. On the contrary, we believe that practical and peaceful solutions to these problems are not only possible, but also the best way forward.

If Africans could build a great culture for their people in Africa, I would argue the case that it would certainly be the preferred outcome. Likewise, the different nations in Asia building a great culture for their people would be a preferable state of affairs when compared to war.

We want a future for our people, and we also understand that other people want the same for theirs. As mentioned earlier, this would result in global diversity which so many say they want. If they actually did believe in real global diversity, they would support us.

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White genocide is inhumane and the least discussed subject anywhere but among the people who know that it is real. Segregation, yes, is the only peaceful solution to this problem. This idea can alone solve the problem of severe immigration from third world countries. Seriously, this article made a point on how they could be more resourceful to their own nations. For some stupid reason, however, noble thoughts like this for collective benefit of all races are shot down here under the label of ‘Race-hate’ or ‘white guilt’ (which are irrational ofc). Reversal of White genocide is very imperial and… Read more »

I fervently want white genocide reversed by whatever means necessary!

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