Looking Back or Looking Forward – How to Meet the Challenges Ahead

It hasn’t escaped anyone’s attention that a conservative, traditionalistic, nationalistic (generally called “right-wing”, as I will refer to it from here on) movement is spreading in the Western World, intensifying each day. We can summarize it as an ideological reaction to the artificial moral, intellectual and cultural decomposition and regression of White Western culture, heritage and identity. The movement is passionate and highly virtuous in its cause: to reclaim, redesign and improve every aspect of the White Western society. Free its hearts and minds from the shackles of guilt and degradation. Take back authority and self-interest from the anti-white establishment. Release its full intellectual potential and create the future for our children that they need and deserve. This utopian goal is inspirational to say the least. Now we must put that inspired energy on the next important and challenging task: forming concrete plans that make a dream a reality.

Reminiscence won’t save us, we need to look forward!

The right-wing movement in Europe faces three challenges. The first one being liberalization of its principles and values due to popularization of the ideology and its parties. Many right-wingers that have risen to power have lost sight on the true goals as well as become too compromising in their political positions. Trying to reach the sovereignty and independence that we want through the current quasi-democratic system that is at work, is difficult but not impossible. We must encourage each other to dare to discuss and normalize the most controversial topics without losing our humility, peaceful approach and rational integrity. We have to dare to hold on to our fundamental political and ideological positions, keep being persistent and recurrent. Only by maintaining our positions will we gain the official power to actually dictate our own conditions, in our respective nations. It is important to recognize that political compromise leads to compromise of fundamental principles and thus our future.

The second one being that the right-wing movement becomes fractionized due to differences of opinion and competitiveness. This phenomenon is very contra productive. Despite the differences, parallel organizations should never engage rivalry and make it personal. This is not the free market, this is an ideological and philosophical mission, and not the place to become self-seeking and unwavering. We must see that we’re all fragments in a bigger picture and not become unfavorable to each other, instead encourage each other and aid with constructive criticism and respectful counselling. In politics, we must pursue objectivity as much as possible and focus on the progress of the cause, as a collective and community. Any political or otherwise influential progress White Europeans make in their nations or your own, should be supported and given encouragement from places where there’s still a struggle, and vice versa. Don’t equalize politics to personal opportunism or you will lose yourself to the same form of political practice you’re actually trying to counteract!

The third one is that we need to engage more in in-depth discussion and analyzation of the factual improvements that need to be done, to be able to create an improved Europe in the current world. It’s easy to criticize the current systems of governance, immigration, finance and culture, with closed statements such as “We should do what they did in the old days!” I understand that we have a romance with the past but in reality these are unsuitable and closed statements, to say the least. By lingering in the past we work against developing our reasoning. We can’t do what was done. We have to do something different because the current circumstances are incomparable to what used to be.

We need to organize intellectually

Just some examples of crucial questions we should be arguing: how can European nationalists peacefully rise to power through the current governmental and globalist systems? How can we cooperate in creating a new bank system that doesn’t base itself on usury? Should there be a separation of church and state? How do we rebuild the European economy and defense so that we no longer become totally dependent on other superpowers? How do we increase birthrates of White Europeans and create a family-friendly environment? How do we minimize the totalitarian and globalist state? How do we create a balance between personal freedom and national identity? How do we handle the clusters of non-Europeans and anti-whites that are spread all across our respective nations?

I’m not asking these complex questions because I think I have all the answers myself or believe that you should have by tomorrow. But these and similar questions are the ones you should be focusing on, with your inside knowledge in your respective nations. Remember we hold the intellectual potential to form ourselves and our future. I like to call myself an optimistic realist, I’m sure that Europe will become something better than it is today. It will never become what it once was. If you think that you are fooling yourself and have to reevaluate what you’re hoping for. There is a lot to take back and old values to defend. With that, we also sit on heaps of ideas, innovation and knowledge through free and alternative media! We should incorporate it all in trying to achieve a future for our people. The right-wing movement has to evolve past idealism, into rationalism and intellectual debate and the courage to form an actual blueprint with a plan to get there!

“If you come from the West, there are a lot of heroes in your ancestry. Your ancestors brought great goods to the world. (…) You are children of heroes and only heroes get to keep their freedoms.” – Stefan Molyneux

// Guest article by Maggie Teacher

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