The Importance of Terminology

The Key to Turning the Tide and Owning the Moral High Ground

The Power of Words

Words are important. Our words have the power to destroy and the power to build up. They are the foundation of any given system or society, as they are used to establish ideals and moral beliefs.

For the past few decades, words such as “tolerance”, “equality” and “diversity” have been used by people with an anti-White mindset in order to justify an open border policy and a blended multicultural society in all and only White countries. Until recently, it has been with the use of nice sounding words that they have managed to own the moral high ground and the upper hand in the immigration debate.

It is with the use of words they have been able to silence any persons concerned by these policies that are forcing us into a minority status in our own countries. They have utilised derogatory appellations such as “racist”, “nazi”, “right-wing extremist”, etc, in order to demonise and silence any opposition.

Even though words such as these are just a sound, a vibration, they have undeniably carried a heavy impact, and many people have been afraid of the consequences of being labelled a “racist”, such as losing their jobs or being excluded from personal and professional social circles, and therefore many have chosen to remain silent whilst the society around them is being transformed beyond recognition.

“Racist” and similar abusive terms did not always have such an impact. In fact, before the 1920’s, nobody had even heard the word “racist” until it was coined and popularised by the communists who used it in similar fashion as today: to silence and criticise members of the opposition. But it is because of continuous repetition and deceitful manipulation that this tactic has been so effective in the past. Whether they have used positive sounding words or negative sounding words, these words are all part of the anti-White terminology.

It is only by taking over the moral high ground in every encounter with the anti-Whites that we can hope to turn the tide. After all, this is psychological warfare. And in every war, whether it is a physical or a mental war, you need to have the proper ammunition and the right weapon, or in this case an effective terminology. Using the correct terminology is the first step to owning the moral high ground.

Owning the Moral High Ground

Today, it is very easy to appear admirable when all you have to do is spout nice sounding words such as “equality”, “diversity” and “freedom”, whilst condemning anyone in opposition as “racist”, “bigoted” or “hateful”.

Nobody wants to feel excluded, and nobody wants to feel like a bad person. It is very difficult for most people to say no to the “good guys” and be the “bad guy” by saying refusing immigration and such. Very few people look beyond the nice sounding words. And even if they do, they do not know how to verbally defend themselves. The reason for all this is because they do not know how to own the moral high ground.

In reality however, those who call themselves “anti-racists” do not own the moral high ground. You do.

It is not “diversity” to force us to become a blended humanity. It is not “equality” to deny our people our homelands. It is not “freedom” to force these policies upon us and not give us a chance to live on into the future.

All of these nice sounding words always lead to the same thing: a White minority in predominately White countries, as these words and phrases are only used to justify massive Third World immigration into White countries – that’s it.

Once we realise this, it is very easy to regain ownership of the moral high ground and thereby win every discussion or debate with a person who has an anti-White mindset. This is done by pointing out their contradictions with the use of terminology.

The Terminology

The terminology is essentially based around these major contradictions of the anti-White mindset:

  1. Africa for the Africans. Asia for the Asians. White countries for EVERYBODY. This is genocide.
  2. “Diversity” means too many White people.
  3. “Anti-racist” is a code word for anti-White.

These slogans, which are adjustable depending on situations and circumstances, are designed to expose the contradictions and intentions of the current anti-White system. That with current policies, we in the Western world are becoming a minority in our own homelands. China is still going to be Chinese, Japan is still going to be predominately Japanese. Only White countries are supposed to have open borders and be forced to accept a blended humanity. This is not a coincidence. It is politicians with an anti-White mindset who are enforcing these policies on us, and what they are doing is genocide.


If you oppose these policies you are called the R-word by those who support them. They have never called a Black person “racist” for not wanting Africa to become non-African. You will never hear them accuse Asians of being “racist Nazis” for not wanting to open up their borders to the whole of the Third World. “Anti-racists” only exist in White countries because that is the point.

They call themselves “anti-racist”, but what they are is anti-White.
“Anti-racist” is a code word for anti-White.

This is the mantra. This is the truth. Our job is to simply point out that they are just anti-White and what they are doing is morally wrong.

Apart from exposing the anti-White contradictions, the purpose of the terminology is to provide our people with the means to verbally defend themselves, which in turn will prompt more of our people to take a stand. But in order for that to happen, you have to give people something to say when being called a “racist”, by sharing the mantra above. You have to show them that we own the moral high ground and that these policies are morally wrong. This can only be done by repeating the terminology and these talking points over and over again. Repetition truly is the key in to establishing new effective words that will win the moral high ground. Those sceptical of the effectiveness and social impact of words can ask themselves if the word “racist” has had any effect in the past. Repeating terminology works. Just like the anti-Whites have used their terminology repeatedly, we need to keep using our own terminology and we need repeat it much like a broken record until it becomes engraved in people’s minds. It will give our people ammunition to fight back.

Since we now know continuous repetition is paramount, it is important to remember to never use the enemy’s terminology, such as “racist”, unless it is in the context of our own terminology such as “anti-White”. Otherwise you will just reinforce it further.


sign of the times

Google “Anti-White” and “White genocide” and you will get millions of hits. These are our buzz words and they are becoming more and more established each passing day.

When we have successfully provided our people with a verbal self-defence and shown that we own the moral high ground, “racist” will not be enough to shut our people up anymore. Their house of cards is already about to fall, and the anti-Whites are making their last efforts to silence us with the use of “hate speech” laws, as can be seen in Germany after the Cologne incident, but it is too late. The tide is already turning. We just have to give a final push.

The terminology in itself is not the entire solution to the problem, we will of course need people to practically introduce new policies and abolish the old ones if we want to see any form of change, but owning and spreading the terminology is crucial for this to happen as it is the key to giving people the right mindset and turning the debate in the right direction.

So use the terminology whenever you have the chance, whether it be online or in the real world. Every year on March 19th, the day before the Spring Solstice, activists around the world come together to share the message for all to see. Join us and be part of the turning tide.


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Great article!

congratulations, this is a clean article

I draw everybody’s attention to this wise quotation of the late American author, Philip K Dick. “The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words.” Philip K Dick I would add the concept applies just as potently to word groupings or phrases, as it does to single words. I don’t know when he made that quotation, but he was obviously aware long ago, of the danger of “linguistic warfare” and it’s capabilities to control peoples minds.

I agree

On a side note, I just noticed something in the video at 2:56. A Manitoba licence plate! I wish I knew who they were so I could meet them in person! So few like minded people around here…

I’ve gotten to the point where when someone calls me a racist, I just smile and ask “What does that even mean anymore?” They throw that word around so much I don’t even think they know what it means! I’ve had success by asking people this question. They are often stumped and if they do give a response, I am then able to explain my position and how it doesn’t fit their description of “racist”. In the rare case that it does fit their description (that being acknowledgement of differences between the races) I can simply point out their own… Read more »

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