This is Europa Podcast Episode 2
5 Seat Win – The Dutch Election in Hindsight

Thanks for the feedback on our first episode, which was overwhelmingly positive (that one dislike is not going to stop us! 😉 ).

Today we have the Dutch election result as the main topic and our thoughts on it. Was it a big loss like the mass media claimed or not? We want to give our perspectives and felt it relevant to tie the topic in with Front National and the upcoming election in France, which is a topic we will delve into in more depth in a future episode.

We would also like to take this opportunity to say that it saddened us learning of what happened in London recently; one of many terrorist attacks in recent times and hardly the last that we will see… it serves as a reminder that we need an urgent change now.

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I thank God for your organization.

I agree with your base analysis on the post WWII events in Europe; primarily on: (i) White Genocide (ii) your criticism of the Mainstream Propaganda Media’s coverage of events and its blatant practice of manipulating the Ethnic European Populus into succumbing to the Will of the EU Totalitarian Regime in persuading the Ethnic Europeans to accept their own demise (i.e.: accepting White Genocide); (iii) support for Geert Wilders; (iv) your objections to the 2015 massive migration (invasion) created by Angela Merkel’s disastrous, unilateral decision of literally “throwing the door open” to anyone from the “3rd World” to simply “Waltz in”,… Read more »

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