White Privilege Debunked

Many people today believe in a theory of a “white supremacist America”. This theory also goes under the name of “institutionalised racism”. This theory has it that white people have an unfair amount of power in the world especially in white countries. Believers of this theory hold the view that there are white supremacists who want to rule over non-whites and that they fear that whites are losing their power status in the U.S. and other white countries. As proof, they look at the leaders in America and Europe and see that most of them are white. This convinces them that, since most leaders and people in high positions are white, the system must be favourable towards white supremacy and privilege white people. In other words, the system is set up to enhance the position of whites. This is also where the notion of white privilege comes from.

If we zoom in we might discover it to be true that whites have some privilege in some places. After all, it is white countries we are talking about. In the same way that it is also easier for a Japanese person to succeed in Japan.

But if we zoom out and look upon the totality of the situation and the system, we see that for the last few decades there has always been more non-white immigration every year. Although this situation is occurring in all Western countries and is nothing unique to the USA, there has been so much non-white immigration that whites are now projected to become the new minority relatively soon. There is also the notion floating around that we all will mix and become brown.

Even Obama said this was inevitable:

So here we are in a system that is making our people a minority in our own countries, and they still believe that the issue of “white privilege” is relevant. Making whites a minority is in no way indicative of a white supremacist system set up to the ensure white privilege. On the contrary, it highlights a system that is setup to achieve white genocide.

So how can they still say there is a white supremacist system in place when we whites are becoming a minority in our own countries?

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Accurate, and I agree.

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