Why Do Liberals Think It’s Inhumane For Non-Whites to Live Amongst Their Own People?

Liberals and other politically correct people usually start off by saying that they believe that “people should be able to live wherever they want”. At first glance this might sound nice and, to some extent, it might even be reasonable. After all, why should people not be allowed to live wherever they want? Why should some get to decide where people can or cannot live or move?

The problem is that we have to look at the bigger picture. What we can see is that whenever people talk about “people moving freely” and “globalisation”, in reality it simply means more non-stop Third World immigration into the West. This in turn leads to us becoming a minority in our own countries, i.e what many are referring to as white genocide.

When this fact is pointed out to politically correct people, the typical reply is often composed of one or more of the following statements: “they are already here and they are not going to go away”, “they are here to stay”, “it would be horrible to send people back to war and poverty”, “they have grown up here” etc.

When we hear justifications like this, it is important for us to remember that our right to live outweighs the wishes of others to have the luxury to live anywhere.

Also, listening to those with and anti-white mentality begs the question: why are liberals of the notion that it would be so horrible or inhumane for non-whites to live amongst their own people in their own countries? It’s not like it’s war and misery in all non-white countries. It’s not like white countries are the only places worth living in. But they seem to think that way, which is quite prejudicial.

And let’s not be hasty and imagine that non-whites wouldn’t be understanding and supportive about our situation if they became aware of it. If Mexicans, for example, were to become a minority in Mexico and they tried to fix the situation in order to live on into the future as a people, we think everyone would have an understanding and respect for that, including us of course. We would think that their right to continue to live on as a people was more important than our right to live wherever we wanted. There are many good places to live in besides Mexico. It wouldn’t be the end of the world.

So we ask again, why are anti-whites so convinced that it would be horrible or inhumane for non-whites to live amongst their own people in their own countries?

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