Why Liberals are stuck in the past

Liberals and other pro-multiculturalists always like to claim that they are progressive and that they are looking ahead. They see their vision of multiculturalism as a solution to pretty much all aspects of society, whether that is economical, racial or work related.

Since they believe that they are providing the necessary tools to move forward, it is not so strange to witness that they are very reluctant to engage with people who strongly oppose with their policies for various reasons. Far from everyone see multiculturalism as an answer to a poor economy or other tensions in society. Quite the opposite actually. And some, us included, simply regard it as morally wrong since it is turning our people into a minority in our own homelands.

Regardless, the retaliation is often the same. They always say something in the lines of: “It’s 201X now! It’s not the 19th century anymore”. This is often followed by the R-word and name calling in order to silence the opposition. What they basically are trying to achieve is making people who disagree with them seem narrow minded and being stuck in the past, as they don’t want to accept the “inevitable future”.

But if we stop and think about it – who are really stuck in the past?

The reason we hear people being accused of being “naziswhowantstokillsixmillionjews”, “white supremacists” or whatever, is because the ones doing the accusing have a mind that is in the 1930s or the 19th century when the British Empire was at its peak in terms of colonization. This is all part of the anti-white mindset.

While they talk about the bad deeds of whites in the past they usually ignore the point that all peoples and races have had slaves and done bad things. Arabs, Africans and Asians have had slaves and whites have been slaves. Although anti-whites have the view of history that whites have done more evil does not mean it is true.

Regardless, they see a world where whites rule and oppress others and they have not updated their mindset and understanding to the present situation.

In conclusion, they should update their mindset and realize that time has moved on. They act as if we still live in the 1930s or the 19th century but in reality no one wants to oppress non-whites or recolonize Africa. People simply don’t want to have harmful policies forced upon them regardless of what year it is.

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