Trump “killed political correctness”?
Then why are we not talking about demographics?

The election in the U.S. is over! Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States of America and the tables have turned!

Whilst we do share people’s enthusiasm over this symbolic win (and hopefully also a practical win is the times to come), we can’t really agree with those who claim that “political correctness is dead” if the topic of demographics remains ignored.

During the election we have heard controversial topics such as “build a wall at the Mexican border”, that “American jobs should be returned to Americans”, or that “Muslim terrorists should be banned from entering the country”, but we have not heard Trump or anyone else talk about one of the most important reasons as to why he won the White middle class vote: the demographic factor.

It’s not like people want the Mexican wall to be built for no reason. During the last few decades we have seen a flood of immigrants entering the country illegally, similar to what we have experienced (and continue to experience) in Europe, and the long-term consequences of this can now be witnessed.

The proportion of Whites making up the total population of America is declining at a rapid rate; so much so that Whites face becoming a minority in the country relatively soon if present trends continue. In 1950, whites represented 85% of the U.S. population. In 2010, they only made up 63.7% of the population according to statistics put out by the US Census Bureau. In fact, it is believed that whites now only make up 60% in 2016, so the number is decreasing each year. White births are already a minority amongst national births in the country and Whites will soon be minorities in certain states.

America is changing into something unrecognisable. The Democrats thought they could win with the help of minority votes (which should be an indicator as to how imperative solving the demographic issue really is). This time that strategy was not successful. But as the non-white population grows and the white population decreases, how long will it be until the Republicans can no longer rely on their White voter base to secure electoral success?

How long until such a context establishes itself in Europe (whereby political parties that push massive immigration so secure an electoral advantage can no longer be beaten)? After all, we can see the same demographic trend all over Western European countries. The only thing that differs is the expected time-frame required for Whites to become minorities, whether it be 2066 for the UK or 2041 for Sweden (if not sooner if current trends continue to escalate).

We at This is Europa strongly believe in peaceful solutions and that it is very much possible to bring about real change via the current political system, at least for as long as we are still the majority population in our countries.

Of course, it is not just practical concerns in relation to votes or politics that we address, but also the immorality that mass immigration was allowed to begin with, as ‘population replacement’ such as we are experiencing today falls under the definition of genocide as described in the UN convention. And if you stop and think about it, if it was a known fact that Indians, for example, would become a minority in India in, let’s say, 2090, people would call it genocide.

The fact that it is immoral and that no one is talking about it is a serious concern that should be acknowledged and emphasised more.

If political correctness truly is “dead” then let’s use this opportunity to highlight the demographic issue in White western countries.

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I’m white, and I dunno….these articles about keeping countries white just kind of strike a nerve. I guess what I’m looking for instead of color is language and culture that I can identify with.

Ravi Singh

I don’t think that your India example is a good one, perhaps use Iran, North Korea or Zimbabwe!
The same SJWs who don’t like Europe are usually not fans of Israel or India and would love to see either country stripped of its identity..

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