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 This is Europa is an online pro-European think tank that brings together dedicated individuals who are driven with the same aim to highlight and reverse current policies that we deem as harmful to our people. In every Western country, we can see the same trend: white European peoples are becoming a minority in their own homelands, and anyone who tries to oppose it is without exceptions demonized or ridiculed.

We believe that these policies are intentional and are being enforced and supported by people with an anti-white mindset, and that it is responsible for causing our politicians to favour policies that lead to our people becoming a minority in Europe and other Western countries.

Our standpoint is that this is morally wrong. Had these policies been enforced to any other group of people, we believe that most people would not have seen it as a positive thing. Were Mexicans, for example, to be exposed to politics that would lead to a Mexican minority in Mexico everybody would see it as immoral.



“Thank you so much for this beautiful page and the wonderful blog! It makes me so happy that you guys are out there! 🙂

Thank you so much for this absolutely beautiful page! I love, love, love it!! Please keep up the great work!”

“Thank you for promoting true European values. I enjoy this page, it is one of the last bastions that offers a “safe haven” for like minded people to share their various European cultures with one another. Proud to be here, greetings from Poland”
“Why I like This is Europa? Because here I find no guilt and no apologies for being a European. It is a page promoting all European countries and ethnic groups likewise and without chauvinism poisoning the presentation. Thank you for that.”
“I discovered your website through a link on another White Nationalist site. I have watched most of your videos and read most of your articles. YOUR VIDEOS OF EUROPE AND OUR PEOPLE ARE ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE AND INSPIRING! I have not seen this strategy used anywhere else! I also went on your Facebook page and was incredibly impressed by the pics you have there too! …YOUR INSPIRATIONAL VIDEOS ARE UNLIKE ANYTHING I HAVE SEEN AND HOPE YOU CONTINUE TO PRODUCE MORE!”

“Hi guys big fan of your page here from Ireland. Your pages and articles have woken many college indoctrinated idiots like myself up…After I realised what was going on I couldnt believe the establishment had fooled me for so long.”

“I am really happy to see that there is an organization that aims to concentrate its thinking efforts in one coherent approach and legally organize strategic actions in a pacific and civilized way.”

“You are doing truly amazing things. So much negativity is being spread around on both sides, and This Is Europa is a jewel in a world of extremists. I really wish we were more on the public radar. I guess for now all we can do is lead by example”

“A friend linked me your website. Just want to say good stuff! It gives me hope when I see an organisation such as yourselves doing what you do 🙂 .. Please continue to inspire and give so many of us hope”
“These articles on “anti white” & “white genocide” are very good indeed. Having discussions about race etc do not worry me anymore. obtaining the moral high ground & winning arguments Etc. Brilliant articles & everyone should read them.”
“Keep on doing what you do best, This is Europa. I’ve been a fan of your site for quite some time and it has opened my eyes more and more to the importance of culture, tradition and Homeland. Never quit!”
“The admin of this page is like the Gandalf of our cause”

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