6 Tough Questions You Need to be Able to Answer if You Oppose Mass Immigration

In this article, we will present perhaps some of the toughest questions political correct people can throw at you. Questions that would put many people in a defensive position if unprepared for them. This is how to tackle such questions and turn them to your advantage by owning the moral high ground with your replies.

There is no perfect answer for every situation, and there is of course never a single answer to a question, as there are many ways in which one can respond. But in some cases, you need some good rebuttals if tough questions or statements are thrown at you (putting you on the spot) when discussing or debating the issues of immigration with other people.

What is important to bear in mind when someone puts questions like this to you is to think “what is his/her intention here?”. Typically, political correct people who want to justify non-stop immigration into all and only Western countries will ask you these questions, and their intention is to make you feel ill at ease. They are trying to take the moral high ground, thereby putting you on the defensive and leaving you feeling the need to justify (if not excuse) yourself.

By knowing their intention, it will become much easier for you to approach this issue and recognise that they are simply people with an anti-white mindset, and it will enable you to point out their contradictions, which in turn will allow you to own the moral high ground in any situation.


Q 1. “Are you a racist?”

A 1. What’s a “racist”? Do you mean that all white people who do not want to become a minority in their own countries are racist?

A 2. If a black man did not want to become a minority in an African country he would not be called a racist or a nazi. I am only asked this question because I am white. Therefore, “anti-racist” is just a codeword for anti-white.

A 3. You are only asking me that because I am white. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

As pointed out above. People with an anti-white mindset would only ever ask this question to a white person. You never hear them accuse Japanese people of racism or ask them if they are racist or xenophobic for not wanting Japan to become non-Japanese, or a Mexican for not wanting Mexico to become non-Mexican and so on.

Would they accuse a Native American Indian of being racist if he did not like that they had become a minority in the USA? No. Why? Because “anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.


Q 2. “What is your position on the Holocaust”?

A 1. One genocide does not justify another.

A 2. If you mean killing people, then of course no person would agree with that. I also think that one genocide does not justify another. Or are you suggesting that my people deserve to become a minority because of acts committed in the past?

Although anti-whites claim to be free of prejudice, they seem to believe that all people who do not want whites to become a minority in their own countries are nazis because the nazis cared about race. And because of their prejudice they believe they are talking to a “naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews” and therefore they think the atrocities of the Holocaust present a relevant line of inquiry.

But we all know that the Holocaust has nothing to do with current immigration policies. We know that these are anti-white activists and that they are just trying to put you on the spot.


london white minority

Q 3. “You mention white genocide. But whites are not being systematically killed?”

A 1. No matter how you try to do away with a group of people, it is genocide. It does not have to be violent. If Jews were done away with in a non-violent manner, it would still be genocide.

A 2. As the UN convention on genocide will tell you, it does not need to be violent. No matter how you try to do away with a group of people, it is genocide.

Anti-whites fiercely oppose the notion that what they are doing is genocide or a population replacement. They try to picture it as something beautiful. A melting pot of blended colours. They will come up with all kinds of reasons to justify why replacing white people is not genocide/a population replacement. Our job is to keep pointing out that no matter how you try to do away with a group of people, it is genocide.



Q 4. “Define white people/white country. What do you mean by that?”

A 1. You have no problem knowing who is white when you talk about slavery, colonisation, discrimination or racism. But if someone who does not agree with the idea that we should become a minority in our own countries confronts you, you suddenly seem to have problems identifying who is white.

A 2. A white country is a country that MUST have multiculturalism and non-stop immigration. In other words, a white majority country.

Anti-whites LOVE to tell you to define this, that and the other. DO NOT fall into this trap. The fact is that everybody knows who is white and who isn’t. The reason anti-whites deny our existence in this context is because they are subconsciously justifying a white minority in Western countries. Since they can clearly identify whites in other (negative) contexts, it is clear to us that they know who is white. The same applies to white countries. They know that we are not talking about countries within Asia or Africa when we mention white countries, and they know we are referring to the Western world and countries with a majority white population. Again, do not fall into this particular trap.


rainbow dating

Q 5. “Why are you against immigration and diversity?”

A 1. Because I don’t agree that my people should become a minority in our own countries. Immigration and diversity means less white people.

A 2. Diversity means there is too many white people. No non-white country or area ever needs more diversity. They are already diverse enough.

A 3. We can have racial diversity in a global context. Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans and white countries for white people. But that is not the kind of diversity you want. You want every (white) country to become a indistinguisable “meltingpot”.

We know why the anti-whites ask us this. Their intention is to try to portray us as evil. But in reality, most people are not against immigration or diversity per se. It’s not like Norwegian people have much of an issue if some Swedes decide to move there, or if some German people move to Spain. I don’t think most people have any problems with that. I don’t think most people have any problem with non-Whites visiting their countries as tourists either.

What people DO have a problem with is that there are individuals and groups actively working to do away with us.  Most people do not want to see their demographic becoming a minority or their country being transformed beyond recognition. Only sick people think a population replacement is a good thing.



Q 6. “Do you want to kick the immigrants out? Back to war and poverty?”

A 1. It is not inhumane for Pakistanis to live in Pakistan, it is not inhumane for the Chinese to live in China and it is not inhumane for Turks to live in Turkey. And it is not war and poverty in all of Africa.

A 2. By suggesting that immigrants are going back to war and poverty you are demonising the whole Third World, which is very prejudicial. There are many good places to live in that are not predominantly white.

A 3. It is not war in all of Africa. And besides, nobody is actually “kicked out”. They came in boats and planes and they can return in boats and planes.

A 4. If the return of immigrants is what is needed to stop the population replacement of white people, then it is something I support as I believe replacing a people is inherently wrong. It is not inhumane for the Chinese to be reintegrated in China or Turks to be reintegrated in Turkey.

Many people have a strange conception or association that whenever someone talks about making our countries homogeneous again, they think that people have to suffer. That we have to “kick them out”, by dragging them by their hair and putting them on a train to gas chambers or a war zone. They do not believe that there are any peaceful and humane solutions to these issues and have never really thought much about such possibilities.

There you have it; some of the toughest questions asked by anti-whites which you will hopefully now know how to deal with if they come your way!

What do all these questions have in common? They all try to justify a world without white people. This is always the anti-white intention. Whether it is conscious or subconscious, justifying such a world is merely an expression of a deeply anti-white mindset.

Do you have other questions you feel need to be answered? Please write to us.

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I always wondered why Japan , Saudi Arabia or the Cameroons did not want diversity ?
If it’s so good why don’t they do it there ?
No more Muslims here please go to Kuwait or Turkey !


I love the London image and I intend to use images like that above against my opponents however I don’t think it is correct factually, I think the English ethnic group is now a minority since 2012 not the overall British People. British people is a collective term which includes English, Scottish, Welsh and other group on the Isles. The last I have heard, Whites as a race as still the Majority in London as a collections of European groups together primarily English. A great travesty but the truth is on our side.


I agree with these arguments. They are very helpful.
Is American considered a white country or is it considered the melting pot of the world? If it is considered a white country then how does one overcome the expected objection that it is the melting pot of the world?


I usually answer the anti immigration harangue by simple pragmatism. Only speaking for myself here of course, but I live in Scotland and, as part of a relatively tiny landmass, we have limited resources. An example is our health care system which, contrary to popular myth, is NOT free…every working person pays National Insurance which in turn pays for our med system. The influx, over time, of immigrants and their friends and families puts added strain on a system already suffering due to government cutbacks. Schooling, benefits, housing, all of it, as a tiny country, our obligation should be to… Read more »

Painted Lady

Loved this! Very helpful.

Mikael Ternedahl

Such a great article!


Q 2. “What is your position on the Holocaust”? A: The Holohoax you mean? No matter if you believe in that fairy tale or not, the event of today which is white genocide is something we oppose. One genocide does not justify another? Or do you believe in vengeance on a genocidal level? A: Did you know that the so called “good” Allied forces of liberal democracies systematically genocided German civilians during & after the war? Did you know that under Bolshevik rule Soviet Union Russians were genocided by the Red Terror, Red Famine & the Holodomor? What is your… Read more »


I think a very big problem is that many people have been brainwashed?/have “learned” by themself? that since there has been the holocaust and slavery and similar things in history, they now carry “genetic guilt”, and they need to do everything to compensate for this. they have come to associate “white country” as “evil country”, and thus want to do anything to stop that. i thint it is really important to get people to understand that first of all, just because some ancestors many years ago in history have done something, does not mean you should encourage today’s people to… Read more »

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