“A Shared Responsibility” – How Every White Majority Country is Being Forced to Have Third World Immigration

Lately, Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary have all been threatened (or perhaps “forced” is a better word) by member states of the EU to open up their borders and take in Third World refugees and immigrants. This is nothing really new, they have had this pressure for a very long time. It doesn’t matter to the EU if those countries only follow democratic elections or the will of the majority of their people. They still are being forced to open their borders, no questions asked. Ever wondered why that is?

The liberals and multiculturalists always talk about “sharing the responsibility”, as if immigration was this huge burden. Remember, this is coming from the same people who are always claiming that we NEED immigration and open borders to survive and sustain ourselves. It creates jobs/work labour and boosts our economy and all that. At least that is what we always get to hear.

Now, if that was true wouldn’t countries such as Poland and Hungary fight for their share of this magnificent resource and willingly open their borders and invest billions in various integration projects in order to reap the benefits?

We never hear our leaders force other countries to accept any oil or gold. Imagine that. “We have too much oil here! You lot need to take some as well, we have more than we can handle!”. That never happens, because unlike non-stop Third World immigration oil and gold are actual resources accepted and wanted by every country.

If Third World immigration was such a resource, then the other EU members wouldn’t complain about receiving more of it, nor would deportation be viewed as something bad or negative as it would delegate valuable resources to the Third World, where it’s needed the most.

So in other words, all the talk about Third World immigration being beneficial or crucial for the economy are just excuses to continue to have open borders.

If you are reading this and if you are pro-immigration, by now you are probably thinking that the economical aspects don’t matter. It’s about helping people, and that’s what’s important. This is usually how the rhetoric changes whenever someone questions if immigration is really beneficial. The arguments switch from focusing on practical aspects to moral aspects.

Not only does this make one question why the practical reasons are being presented as an excuse to have open borders in the first place, it is also easy to question whether it is really about helping people, as that is just another excuse to have open borders.

Many ways of helping people exist (whether that is our obligation in the first place is debatable) and wouldn’t lead to us becoming a minority in our homelands but none of these options have been acknowledged. Why is it necessary to open our borders in the first place? How does it help the Third World by letting in a selected few? And why is not Saudi Arabia or any other non-white country forced or pressured into “sharing the burden” or “taking responsibility”? Saudi Arabia is a muslim country and one of the richest countries in the world, yet no one is even asking them to help their fellow muslims.

Yet, if Poland, Hungary or any other white majority country don’t want the same outcome as the UK or Sweden for example (where the native populations are becoming a minority, crimes have skyrocketed and the people live under constant threats of terrorist attacks), they are being punished for it. Why? Because they are white majority countries.

That is the real issue here. It’s not about helping people, it’s not about acquiring resources. Their subconscious goal is their idea of the melting pot. They always argue for something that leads towards a melting pot in white countries.

After all, only white majority countries are being forced to have an open border policy and being flooded by Third Worlders. What is the purpose of that if not to make us a minority in our own countries?

Read more about the antiwhite mentality here.

Watch the video version of this article here:

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