Alternative for Sweden – Sweden’s last hope?

We recently published an in-depth analysis regarding the demographic situation in Sweden, with the conclusion that Swedes will be an ethnic minority in Sweden in the near future – if the situation is not reversed.

Sweden is infamous for a lot of things. It is not known as the “rape capital of Europe” for nothing after all.  But the demographic issue is by far the most serious and pressing issue. None of the other symptoms of multiculturalism, such as crime rates, really matter unless we solve the demographic situation, which is the core issue.

As for possible (and peaceful) solutions, we at This is Europa has always proclaimed that remigration is the only real solution to stop whites/Europeans of becoming a minority in our own countries. It would also solve many of the other issues as well since many are a direct or indirect symptom of multiculturalism anyway.

As for Sweden, many have looked at the Sweden Democrats as “rescuers” or as potential problem solvers to these concerns since they are one of the biggest parties in Sweden currently and they address some of the issues present in a multicultural society. However, the Sweden Democrats is not the party many hope or think it is. In recent years, they have shifted their stance on a lot of issues, all in order to be accepted by the establishment, the same establishment that hates their presence and refuses to work together with them. All parties in the parliament have proclaimed that they refuse to form a government with the Sweden Democrats or to let them have any form of influence, even if they become the biggest party.

It would not matter much if they did however, because the Sweden Democrats has lost most of the core nationalistic values they once had. In fact, they do not even call themselves nationalist anymore. They are a “social conservative” party now. They even refuse to acknowledge the existence of Swedish people. They promote the silly notion of “open Swedishness”, that anyone can become a Swede if they just assimilate. And as for immigration, all they want is to decrease immigration despite the fact that Sweden has a mass immigration policy that is fundamentally changing the population as a whole, and the country’s health care system and welfare system is at the breaking point economically to say the least.

In fact, the Sweden Democrats even wanted to double the influx of refugees until very recently (the rising popularity of AfS is forcing them to adapt in order to not lose their core voters). And as for remigration? They only support remigration if it is voluntarily. To say the least, those who look to the Sweden Democrats as a solution to the fundamental problems in Sweden will be disappointed.

Does this mean that all hope is lost for Sweden? No!

In March earlier this year, a new party was officially launched in Sweden called Alternative for Sweden. They brand themselves as the “remigration party”. They want to deport ALL criminal migrants and immigrants who have lived in Sweden without having contributed anything to society. They want to review all residence permits that have been given out since the year 2000 and on the question regarding how many they wanted to deport they have firmly stated that 500.000 is to be deported – at least.

They are the only party in Sweden that talks about the demographic issue in Sweden. They have raised the issue about Swedes becoming a minority in Sweden, and they have openly proclaimed that Sweden belongs to the Swedish people (shocking, I know..). Statements like this would get you kicked out immediately from the Sweden Democrats. In fact, the ones who launched Alternative for Sweden was kicked out from the Sweden Democrats a few years ago. The reason stated by the AfS representatives was that they were becoming a too popular within the party and the current leaders of the Sweden Democrats always take the first chance they get to remove any competition. Many examples of this have been observed over the years, although most members of SD get excluded because they have said or done something “wrong”.  Mattias Karlsson, a top member of SD, even works together with Expo, an anti-white organization that maps out and terrorizes people with a nationalistic view point, all in order to be accepted by the mainstream establishment and media (in vain of course).

Alternative for Sweden has had an intense election campaign and they have done it with high energy (which has become an inside slogan, infoga bild). They certainly have the momentum and with a few days until the general election by the time of the making of this article  (the general election is held on the 9th September 2018), their chances of entering the parliament is looking very good. If not this election, they will definitely enter the next election in 2022. It is only a matter of time considering their fast success. 4% of the votes is needed to enter the Swedish parliament, and according to the latest polls, the category “Other parties” had 4,8% in YouGov, which was the polling organisation that had the most accurate prediction before the previous election in 2014. Apart from the Pirate Party and few other micro parties at 0,X%, no party apart from AfS could constitute that number.

There are some voices that try to stop people from voting for Alternative for Sweden. For example, the arguments have rarely anything to do with Alternative for Sweden’s politics (which is something the core SD-voters WISHED SD had), but rather the argument is usually that one’s vote would be wasted if placed on AfS, since they “won’t enter the parliament anyway”.

Like mentioned above, it is looking very promising for AfS to get at least 4%, which is the minimum of entering the parliament, but these people fail to mention some crucial points:

  1.    It does not matter if the Sweden Democrats gets 28% or 24% of the votes, because no other party wants to collaborate with them anyway. And they will not get 51% of the votes.
  2.   In only six month AfS have already had such an impact that although remigration is controversial topic both SD and KD (Christian Democrats) have started to emulate the rhetoric. It would not be an exaggeration to say that AfS, who has been outside the parliament for six months, has affected the public debate more than SD has during the last 8 years inside the parliament.
  3.   Having to anti-immigration parties in the parliament is better than having one. If Alternative for Sweden enters the parliament it would open up the possibility of the two parties to form an alliance or collaboration and become a true opposition to the anti-white establishment where they would force the other parties to adapt their politics.

The last point, we believe, is the only real long term solution Sweden can hope for at the moment, if not after this election then at least after the next one in 2022.


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