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Patreon is a site where people can donate a preferred amount each month, either with card or PayPal, and receive some cool rewards in return knowing that their contribution will be put to good use by us. You can access our Patreon page below to find out more about it and what some of our current goals are and what kind of rewards you can get for supporting us achieving our goals:

Donate directly via PayPal or Card – For Single Contributions

If you prefer to just give a single donation you can do so directly via PayPal or card.

To give a single contribution, just click the donation button below and enter a preferred amount.

If you do not have a PayPal account simply:
1. Click on the PayPal button. 2. Insert preferred amount. 3. Click on “Continue” at the bottom of the page under “Don’t have a PayPal account?”. 4. Fill in necessary information and confirm.

All contributions are anonymous and will be put to good use. We never give out any personal information to anyone for any reason. Thank you for your support!

Practical Contributions

We at This is Europa want to include you in our work. If you want to contribute, it is important to us that you share our Statement of Principles.

 What We Currently Need

  • Guest author(s)

Are you a good writer and want to contribute with your knowledge to our audience? We believe many of our followers have a lot of knowledge and experiences that would be benecifial to our audience. To contribute with articles, email us in beforehand and let us know what kind of topic you would like to write about. You can write about pretty much anything, as long as it is of relevence and of use to members of our community. Whether you want to write under your real name, use a pseudonym or be anonymous is of course up to you.

Note that we will only publish articles that follow our Author Guidelines which we expect you to read and follow.

  • Narrator(s) for YouTube videos

We are now looking for native English speaker(s) that are good at speaking and that can narrate our upcoming videos, which we would like to be able to upload more frequently. We tend to produce mostly educational type videos but also videos aimed to be more inspirational as well. We know that different people have different approaches that will appeal to different types of people. Some will be better at giving instructions, while others will be better at giving peer-to-peer speeches. Some are better at reading from scripts, others are good at improvising. No matter the case, if this is something that you think you can contribute with give us an email. As for scripts that is something we can provide if necessary.

  •  T-shirt/Polo shirt designs

We have an ambition to start selling This is Europa themed clothing to our community. But before that to happen we need someone who can make good designs for us. As for designs, we have given our community the opportunity to vote on what kind of design/theme they would like, but we are also open for suggestions.

Give us an email if you can help us make a design and want to make some kind of deal.

  • Video editor(s) for a YouTube video intro and/or YouTube video projects.

Apart from narrators we need someone who can help editing our upcoming video projects if we hope to produce more videos on a regular basis. We aim to produce both educational and inspirational types of videos, but most likely mainly educational type videos that are based on the content of some of our articles and such. We are also open to try out new ideas. Both you and the narrator would be working together with us to make the process and end products as good as possible.

At the very least we would like a solid This is Europa video intro that we can include in the beginning of our upcoming videos.

  • Website developer

We want to improve the pagespeed of our page. If you are familiar with wordpress and understand how to improve our speed from the results shown by, get in touch with us so that we may make the experience of our visitors even better.

  • Posters and flyers

There have been demands for printable This is Europa flyers that people can print out and distribute in their local areas and on events etc, and therefore we would like contributors in this regard. We would also like to be able to offer This is Europa themed posters and such in our shop in the future. Feel free to email us some examples. Note, however, that it is very important that you do not use any copyrighted material in your work.

Someone who can create memes for us to share on our Facebook page would also be good.

  • Buy something from our shop

All the money coming in to This is Europa will be reinvested into This is Europa. Donating and buying from our shop will help us expand and grow.

  • Help us get noticed

One thing that everybody can do if you like our page and our work is to share it to others. Leave a link to our site or facebook page in comment sections, forums or your social media feeds. Spread the word to your friends. Let people know about us. Even as something simple as just sharing more of our articles and facebook posts will help us to reach out to more people.

  • Constructive feedback

We value any feedback that you can give us, positive or negative, and whatever it may regard. It is essential for improvement after all. Email us your thoughts on our work, or login with an account and leave a comment in our articles. Let us know what you think and how we are doing. All feedback is good feedback.

Of course, if you have other skills that you think would be beneficial feel free to contact us at

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