Why You Should Not Be Surprised That
Dalai Lama Opposes Europe’s Open Border Policies

By now it should not be news to most people that the Dalai Lama has made a statement about the current immigration policies in Europe. In fact, he has done so more than once. Once when he was in Germany lately and lately in Sweden. He has made blunt statements that there are too many refugees in Europe and that “Germany, for example, cannot become an Arab country”, “Germany is Germany”. He has also said that refugees should aim to move back to their homelands in order to rebuild them and that “Europe belongs to Europeans”. This came as a shocking statement for many people; that the Dalai Lama himself made these proclamations that would have undeniably branded anyone else as a “racist” had they been white.

But when we think about it, should it surprise us that non-whites can understand our situation, agree with us and support us?

There are many concerned white people who will protect different cultures and peoples that are non-white. We want to try and fight poverty in the Third World. We established the organisation ‘Doctors Without Borders’ and we want to get involved in the effort to prevent genocide and other great acts of injustice ever occurring, no matter where. Who is to say that this feeling of empathy is something that would be unique for us whites?

In the same way, it should not come as a surprise to us that many non-whites also have this kind of empathy towards us. Why wouldn’t they support us when they grasp what is actually going on? When they see the destruction of white people, why would they not recognise that as morally wrong?

Let us take the Dalai Lama as an example. If you know what is happening in his home country, Tibet, it would only be natural for him to feel empathy for what is happening in Europe, or any white majority country with an open border policy. After all, the similarities with the Western world and Tibet are many. For starters, they have a forced mass immigration policy whereby waves of non-Tibetans are allowed into Tibet from China to the extent that Tibetans are becoming a minority in their own country. Their culture is being diminished, their people are forced to integrate and assimilate with a foreign population and many have fled the country because of these policies that are internationally recognised as being geared towards Tibetan genocide. So again, why wouldn’t people like the Dalai Lama have an understanding and be able to feel empathy for our people who are experiencing more or less the same thing?

That is not to say that people have to experience the same thing in order to have the ability to feel empathy or sympathy for others. We humans are fully capable of feeling empathy and sympathy despite not sharing the exact same experiences or circumstances. Therefore, we should expect more non-white people to say things like the Dalai Lama has as he is far from being the only one with these concerns.

While we will get more support from non-whites in the times ahead, it is important to remember that we Europeans are not dependent on the support of other peoples. It is, after all, our own responsibility to act and speak up against the policies that constitute an attempt at replacing our populations. But this kind of support might make stopping our population replacement easier, as broader support leads to more acceptance of the notion that something must be done (we will write more about the topic of remigration at a later date).

As we spread awareness of the population replacement of us white people, and as it becomes more obvious to the general public due to the extreme mass immigration policies and their consequences, it will be easier for people to see what is going on and that it is morally wrong. This includes non-whites as well as our own people.

So do not be surprised the next time a non-white shows support for our cause, and do not treat them all as individuals who lack empathy or sympathy for us.  It is mainly the anti-whites who lack empathy for our people. It is they who have been advocating and justifying these policies all this time.

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