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Thank you for showing an interest in wanting to be a part of This is Europa and help us go to the next level. Below we will present different ways on how you can help us out financially. It is completely anonymous as we never reveal our supporters without an expressed permission or request. All the money coming into This is Europa will be reinvested into This is Europa.

 Thank you!

Donating to us directly via PayPal (or debit card) is the best way to support us if you don’t care about receiving rewards and such since we will receive a larger portion of your donation without another middle man. You can choose to make a single donation or make it recurring once a month. Recurring donations can be cancelled at any time.

Patreon is a site where you can donate a preferred sum each month in return for access to our exclusive patreon feed and tier rewards.

You can also donate to us with cryptocurrency if that is a preferred option. Our Bitcoin address is:

Another way to support us financially is to simply buy things from our shop, as all profits will be reinvested into This is Europa.

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