Author Guidelines

All articles pubished on our site must follow these guidelines, which are based on our principles.
If you wish to contribute with articles on This is Europa, it is important that you can follow and respect the following guidelines:

  • Be positive. It can be necessary to state something negative in your text, as there are many issues that we need to acknowledge and deal with, but the underlying theme in the article should be constructive, positive or educational.
  • Be constructive. Goes hand in hand with the point above. Each article should be constructive and solution oriented.
  • Do not advocate any violence. All solutions offered should aim to be peaceful.
  • No hidden personal agendas. There should not be a religious agenda behind the article, for example, nor should the article be aimed to promote your political party. We at This is Europa aim to be impartial in those regards as we do not wish to upload articles that we cannot stand behind.

Whether you want to write using your real name, a pseudonym or be anonymous is up to you.

We at This is Europa hold the right to alter or add guidelines as we see fit.

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