How I Overcame My Barriers

The following article is a guest article, written by one of our followers.

I write this essay to my fellow This Is Europa fans and other pro-whites out there. I will speak of my personal transition to being pro-white, to let you know that there are others out there like you. Surely, I am not the only one who is tired of doing nothing, so this is my first real act to help this movement.

Before going on, it would make sense to narrow the scope of this writing. For the sake of brevity, the process by which I became “awakened,” as some describe becoming pro-European, will be looked at in terms of the barriers that we all end up facing. “Barrier” is being used to mean any obstacle, whether it be internal or external, that prevents a person from supporting a platform favorable to Europeans. It is helpful to know that we have all faced our own barriers before, but we differ in the individual barriers that we face and in our progress overcoming them. Therefore, even if you do not share any of my personal obstacles, then at least this article could serve as a template on how to rise above your own.

The Fear of Awakening

It was roughly a year ago, that I discovered This Is Europa (henceforth shortened to T.I.E.). I had been thinking about our people’s situation for a while, but encountering T.I.E. was a moment of change. I was thrilled to know that other people felt the same way, and began conversing with the T.I.E. founders. Through our conversations, I became aware of certain instinctual arguments that I would throw up as a shield. These counter-arguments came in the form of literal arguments or even in the form of feelings and fears, but all can be divided by their internal vs external nature.

Let us begin with the internal barriers, meaning the self-inflicted roadblocks that prevented my acceptance of a pro-white agenda. My first was a fear of being radicalized. We live in an age where anyone who appears pro-white is deemed racist and often labeled a Nazi. At the same time, we live in an age where individuals actually are radicalized in the name of Islam to carry out attacks. We have also seen people radicalized by white supremacist groups, something which is reprehensible and only hurts our movement. Combine the three, and it is understandable why I was so hesitant to join this campaign. I was wrong to let this get into my head, in hindsight. Not wanting to feel radical is normal, and anti-whites know this. Do not let them, or yourself, hold you back over such a petty fear. After all, we may seem radical now, but in previous generations, we were the norm.

Breaking the Programming- My Internal Barriers

Well, what changed? How was I able to overcome this dilemma? I did so by ignoring the way I have been programmed to think, thereby thinking for myself (I know pretty cliché). I decided to try an exercise to work through this, which turned out to be very helpful. I told myself to write down what I wanted onto a piece of paper. Therefore, I wrote that I wanted white people to not become minorities in their own nations, and for whites to have their own nations to themselves. It was a bit repetitive, but it got the job done. I then tasked myself to detail what was wrong with my statement. By that I mean to approach your statement with an anti-white mindset, writing out arguments against it. Then look at both sides, and weigh your thesis and antithesis by their merits. That is when I broke free of my first barrier, because I did not see anything wrong with what I had written. I had probably already broken this barrier subconsciously, but the act of writing it out, and being unable to challenge my stated goal removed any doubt that existed. I realized that it is not “radical” to want your people to have a place for themselves. The idea may seem radical from an anti-white perspective, but having lost my anti-white mindset, it seemed like common sense.

 Spoiler alert, the technique used to overcome my fear of feeling radicalized is how I solved many of my barriers. The word “programmed” was used to describe my old way of thinking for a reason. It became apparent that often the counter-arguments or feelings that I held were not mine. I was regurgitating what I have been told to think through school, church, the media, and society at large. All this exercise requires is a pen, paper, and some intense thought. Do not rush yourself, write what you find wrong with your own statement, and then address your written counter-argument piece by piece until you are thoroughly satisfied. If you need help completing this activity, then find a partner to do this alongside, or have a one-on-one chat with an administrator of T.I.E.. There are all sorts of ways to go about this, but the single greatest advice that I can give is to think your way through each obstacle.

Having reached this point, the rest of my barriers began to fall rather quickly. Once you’ve been “red-pilled” it sets off a chain reaction. I still took the time to properly refute my counter-arguments, but it was certainly becoming easier to do so. Next to fall was my feeling of being “unfair” or “inhumane.” It is not unfair for individuals to live with their own people in their respective nations. Helpful resources to overcome this barrier are the articles published by T.I.E. on the subject. Indeed, viewing the entirety of non-white countries as miserable places which are “inhumane” to live in is quite prejudiced. If by “inhumane” a person is referring to the act of returning non-whites to their countries, then I would remind that the alternative results in white minorities in our own countries. An entire racial group losing its homeland & other national majorities, through a policy of replacement, is certainly more unfair/inhumane than a Turk, Indian, Nigerian, or Mexican having to live amongst their own people.

Next to fall was my “Christian” barrier. I realized that modern day Christianity is used by many on the Left, and Right, to justify anti-white policies. Surely Jesus Christ did not come to justify white genocide, nor was the Bible written with that goal in mind. It also became obvious that the same anti-white “Christians” who vigorously quote the Bible to make their point, suddenly think they can pick & choose which doctrines to follow when it suits their narrative. Some of them will call you unintelligent if you deny the theory of human evolution, despite the book of Genesis. Others will call you a bigot for not supporting “marriage equality” whilst they do Biblical jujitsu in an attempt to justify same-sex relations. If you manage to be a pro-white Christian, however, you are allocated zero chances to explain.

This double standard can be witnessed regardless of your personal faith, considering that the pro-European movement includes Christians, Agnostics, and Atheists. I refuse to have my religion twisted in such a way that justifies policies detrimental to our people. I am now a pro-white Christian, just like numerous generations of Christians were before us. Hopefully that helps any Christians who share this burden. Even if you’re not Christian though, try to help any Christians in your life grasp how Christianity has been hijacked by people with ulterior motives. That covers the internal barriers, but what about barriers which are external?

External Barriers

External barriers are of a completely different nature compared to their internal counterparts. Whilst internal barriers occur when you doubt your own arguments, external barriers often include outside influences, especially other people. Many people within our movement fear the social, academic, professional, or even physical repercussions that could follow if they were outed as pro-European. Situations within families could become hostile, friends could be lost, grades could suffer, and there’s even the potential for bodily harm being inflicted. No amount of exercises with a pen and paper will break these external barriers down. Friends and family can be won over, but I personally have not briefed my family or friends on my current beliefs. I have made new friends within this movement, however, and it is a relief to have like-minded people to talk to. If you feel like your family/friends would be receptive, then openly talk to them about what you believe. If not, then you can try to bring up bits of news or other facts that could lead them to thinking about our people’s situation. Over time, they may become more open about the topic and be willing to talk with you.

Careers and academics can be dangerous to mess with. The fear of having a career terminated for holding pro-white beliefs is justified. My advice would be to judge each case separately and determine what will and will not be tolerated. Universities are breeding grounds for anti-whites, which I am experiencing first hand at the University of Florida. What I do is defend my stances in a way that is not explicitly pro-white, to avoid being marked down by a bias professor.

Physical violence is a category in and of itself. Those who oppose us are capable of and willing to use violence to shut us down. All that we can do is our best to avoid inciting violence whilst simultaneously being ready to defend ourselves. In the US, we guarantee the right to bear firearms, Europe is not as gun-friendly, but you should protect yourself with one if it can be done legally. The point is to protect yourself and others, but to only use force in self-defense. The last thing we need is for our movement to be shown in a violent light. I can already hear the Nazi comparisons that would follow.

The last barrier that I will cover is the feasibility for this movement to succeed. When I was still overcoming my internal barriers, I was plagued with the notion that this pro-white platform was incapable of success. The dark cloud eerily drifting our way is that the majority gets to decide policy in democracies. Do not get me wrong, I love democracy, and through democracy our goals can be achieved. Nevertheless, pro-European campaigns will not be able to win elections if non-whites are the majority of voters. That is not pessimism, that’s just a dose of reality. Instead of letting this demoralize us, we should use this as the ultimate motivation for getting our message out now. Do not let someone tell you that we will fail, and then give up as if what they say is the end-all-be-all. Giving in so fast only proves them right. Use the arrogance of our opposition as motivation. Remember, they all said Trump and Brexit were on the wrong side of history, and yet here we are.


The overarching theme of this article is to arm one another with ways to break the anti-white mindset that has been drilled into our heads. It takes courage to “wake up,” but it also takes time and effort. Be thorough when addressing your barriers, you do not want to rush through and feel unsatisfied afterwards. You’ll know that you have succeeded when you can firmly stand on a pro-European platform without remorse and defend our ideas in a debate. This is my first contribution to our future, and I hope to see more of us taking the initiative and doing the same. This movement is gaining traction all across the West, whether it be This is Europa or other groups like it, now is the time to get involved so we can keep making progress. We cannot afford to keep watching from the sidelines.

If you too need help identifying your barriers do not hesitate to contact the This is Europa team. Also, be sure to follow me on twitter @EuroAmericanGuy if you enjoyed this article, or if you would like to give feedback.

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