How to Understand and Counter the “Who is White?” Argument

Being asked to define this, that and the other is common practice when debating liberals, multiculturalists or any people with an anti-white mentality.

One of the perhaps most common question that you will get asked if you openly proclaim that you don’t want whites to become a minority in your own country is “who is white?”, “where do you draw the line?” or “define white people!” (alternatively if it’s in a European country you will probably be asked to define your particular ethnic group).

Many people of the pro-white side of the argument tend to fall into this trap by actually trying to define it, and of course the answer in that case is usually very abstract or vague since they tend to be in a defensive position in order to try to avoid being called a “racist” or a “nazi”.

The thing is, we don’t have to define anything. Besides the point that it is obvious who is white or not, the fact is that anti-whites are already defining it for or us all the time.

They never have any problems identifying who is white whenever they want to talk about racism, colonialism or discrimination, but whenever someone tries to highlight the fact that we are becoming a minority and that it is morally wrong to do away with whites they suddenly have a hard time understanding who is white or not. Moreover, they have a very hard time to understand why it would be even desirable to preserve white people in the first place.

At the same time they never have any problems understanding why minority/non-white groups have interest groups and that they want to work for their interests, or that they wish to protect and care for their people. This form of “scepticism” or denial is only being targeted towards white people.

It is interesting to think about why they ask this question in the first place. What is the intention behind it?

Basically, they want to deny and demoralize our identity so that they can feel that the current mass immigration policies (i.e. “The Great Replacement”) is justified. This is usually subconscious however, as it is an outer expression of the anti-white mindset.

The “logic” follows; if there really are no white people to begin with, then doing away with whites can not really happen nor be bad.

In the end, it all comes back to the fact that all their arguments are aimed to justify a world without white people.

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I think this is a great way to understand the mentality but how do we respond?

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