Lega Nord and Alternative for Germany Due to Speak at Alternative for Sweden Final Election Event

Representatives from several European nationalist parties due to speak in support of Alternative for Sweden at their final election event in Stockholm Friday 7th of September at 12:00 (CEST).

The upcoming Swedish general election September 9th will be more upsetting to the establishment than many of the old guard care to admit. The new political party, Alternative for Sweden (AfS) are set to reach the 4% threshold to enter the Swedish parliament.

We think it is good that Chauvinistic European nationalism is taking the backseat and we are glad to see that an increasing number of patriotic political parties across Europe is finding together in this European wide civilizational crisis.

Representatives from the following countries are attending the parties final election event:


Gianluca Cantalamessa, Member of Lega Nord, Member of the Camera dei Deputati (Italian Lower House).

Alessandro Sansoni, journalist, f.d. mayor candidate in Naples, candidate for the European Parliament elections in 2019 for Lega Nord.


Lars Patrick Berg, Parliamentarian of the Alternative for Deutschland in the Lantdagen in Baden-Württemberg.


Frank Creyelman, honorary senator and f.d. MEP of Flanders for Vlaams Belang.


Jaak Madison, Deputy Chairman of the Estonian Conservative People’s Party (Eesti Conservatiivsesse Rahvaerakonda) and Member of the Estonian Parliament Riigikogu.


Sakari Linden, political adviser to the ENF Group in the European Parliament. Former Chief Executive Officer of Finnish Confederation of Finnish Confederation (Suomalaisuuden Liitto).

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