This is Europa was established in 2012. Back then, our main purpose was to promote European culture and history in social media in order to make people more appreciative of their own identity, as a response to the fact that many people of European descent have been brought up believing that we should be ashamed and feel guilty of our European roots and past. This is also known as white guilt, which we do not believe to be a healthy mindset to have.

Our main focus has since then evolved to become something more than that, once we made the observation that with the current open border policies we would become a minority in our own homelands due to the non-stop influx of Third World immigrants. As a consequence, if nothing is done to stop or reverse it, Swedes will eventually become a minority in Sweden; Germans will become a minority in Germany and so on.

We also made the observation that these policies were being justified with any number of arguments. The arguments could be that it was beneficial for us in some way (that it boosted our economy for example) or that it was to help people in need or because we deserved it due to historical misdeeds Europeans have done in the past. In the end, we discovered that all their arguments were aimed to justify more non-stop Third World immigration. As expected, when we started to highlight these issues we were (and still are) labeled as “racists” or “right wing extremists” just for opposing these policies.

We found this to be contradictory, as had this been done to any other group of people most would agree that it would have been morally wrong and unjust. Imagine if Africa where to become non-African. How many would see that as a good thing? And how many Africans would be called “racist” or “right wing extremists” if they opposed it?

This contradiction made us realize that the people making such accusations are not “anti-racist”, but rather they are people with a mindset that we like to describe as anti-white. Just as there are people out there who are anti-semitic, we discovered that there are people out there who are anti-white.

This is why our focus today is not only to highlight the fact that we are becoming a minority in our own countries, but to expose and debunk the mentality behind the arguments that are being used to justify and uphold these policies. Our stance is that you do not need to be against another group just because you are in favor of your own. We simply want a future for our people, and we are certain that a future for our people does not exclude a future for other peoples and races. After all, it is not inhumane for Africans to live in Africa or Asians to live in Asia.

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Current Situation

Today, profound demographic changes are deliberately taken place in all White countries with the means of non-stop Third World mass immigration. Due to these politics, we White Europeans are on our way on becoming a minority in our own countries if present trends continues.

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What Can We Do?

A lot of people agree that immigration is out of control and that the situation is not as good as it can be. After all, the consequences of present-day politics are in fact morally wrong. The challenge is that if we want to get our people to take action we have to show them a better alternative and a better way of approaching the subject. One goal is to be able to point out what is wrong with the present trends by exposing its contradictions. Another is to actually show a far better and more appealing alternative and a future vision. We in This is Europa aim to do both.

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Support Us

We want you include you in our work and are grateful for any contributions that you have to offer, whether it is a set of skills, your expertise, financial aid or any type of assistance that you think will aid us and our work.

We may come from different countries and cultural backgrounds, whether it is in Europe or across the seas, but it is the love of our people and our common goals to secure our future that brings us all together.


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