A Basic Overview On Current Immigration Policies

Today, profound demographic changes are deliberately being enacted in all (and only) Western countries via the means of non-stop mass immigration from the Third World. Whether you live in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia or any other country with a white majority population, you can see similar open border policies being put in place. Consequently, we are on our way to becoming a minority in our own countries.

White Brits are already a minority in the capital city of Great Britain. In numerous countries, including America, whites are now a minority in certain states or regions and even Scandinavia will be majority non-White within a few decades at the most if present trends continue.

Meanwhile, we do not see any rich Arab countries being forced to open their borders to let in any number of Muslim refugees. Nor do we see China or Japan being forced to become a “melting pot”, or to become “more diverse”. If Senegal, or any other African country, wanted to close their borders, no one who calls themselves “anti-racist” would bat an eyelid. But we all know what would happen if Germany or France chose to close their borders. The pressure of having massive, non-stop, Third World immigration is only forced upon white majority countries. All other countries are allowed to be homogenous.

These policies are justified through the use of nice sounding words. Words such as “solidarity”, “equality” and “freedom” are spouted in order to justify mass immigration. “Diversity is our strength” is only heard in western countries and is one of many arguments in favor of immigration. Any concerned white person who opposes these policies is demonized and called the R-word. The use of such political correct terminology is indirectly enforcing these extreme politics and making it difficult for many to speak out against it.

Forcing integration and assimilation becomes top priority once the non-white populations are abundant in our countries. Equally important is combating areas that are considered to be “too white”. This leaves one to question: if skin colour does not matter (as we are constantly reminded), then why is racial diversity in all and only white majority countries so important?

An overview of what is happening can thus be summarised as follows:

  1. Forcing non-stop immigration into all countries with a white majority population.
  2. Forcing integration and assimilation until white people have become a minority in their own countries.
  3. Demonize and silence and opposition with the use of the R-word and other political correct slurs.
  4. Dropping the idea of diversity by promoting a blended humanity in all and only white majority countries.

In the name of “diversity”, “multiculturalism” and similar arguments, our countries and populations are transforming beyond recognition by the means of deliberate politics and policies of massive Third World immigration. It is a phenomenon that can best be described as a population replacement.

This is not a coincidence, nor an accident, but rather a result of what we would describe as an anti-white mindset. Read more about it here.

Also read our case studies regarding the white minority issue here in order to get a better grasp of the current situation.

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Iris C.

If a foreigner dwells in your country wouldn’t you WANT the government to take action to make sure there’s 100% assimilation and integration with the native population? I saw an article not too long ago about a Muslim couple denied Swiss citizenship, because they weren’t assimilated enough to shake hands with a person of the opposite sex. Sounds like the right way to go to me!

Salvatore Lucania

The problem is that Europe and The US have and continue to get involved with and/or occupy foreign nations and are ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE at dealing with the fall out once the initial goal has been achieved! The immigration/assimilation problems often are a direct result or byproduct of said activity within these foreign lands. Keeping resource rich regions unstable for easier exploitation remains virtuous as a guiding principle in the politics of the western superpowers; however, having the pretense of “liberation”, “protection of freedoms”, or “providing assistance” as reasoning for involvement, obligate the provision of major support in a variety of… Read more »

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