“It is True, Blonde and Blue-Eyed People Will Disappear” – A Perfect Example of How Anti-Whites Lack Empathy

We usually never publish rants, especially on our website, but when you see something like this it is hard not to get “triggered”.

This is a Norwegian immigration debate between Fremskrittspartiet (The Progress Party, a conservative libertarian party) and the head of a Norwegian anti-racist organization, Mina Adampour. If you do not understand Norwegian or if you simply don’t have the time to watch the whole thing, let me give a brief overview of it:

On one side you have the “immigration critics” talking about how we need to “slow down” the immigration process because of various practical reasons, often with emphasis on integration difficulties or the economic aspect (that we can’t afford to have non-stop immigration if we want to keep our welfare). They give any number of reasons to why we shouldn’t have as much immigration other than the fact that we are becoming a minority (which is the main issue) or similar moral issues. And on the other hand you have the liberals, left-wing anti-whites who continue to justify these policies by trying to take the moral high ground.


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Here is a quote from Mina Adampour:

– Hvis man ser på dette biologisk og rasemessig så har jo Carl I. Hagen rett. Det er sant, det å være blond og blåøyd kommer til å forsvinne, sier Adampour.

– If you look at this from a biological and racial aspect Carl I Hagen is indeed right. It is true, blond and blue-eyed people will disappear, Adampour says.

After reading this so far you might sit and think to yourself: “So what? This is nothing new”.

And you would be right. Nothing is really new here. The difference is that while their agenda (whether it be conscious or subconscious) is plain to see, people with an anti-white mindset are usually not as blunt as the ones in this Norwegian debate video.

Sure, it happens. We have seen Harvard professors like Noel Ignatiev saying things like “treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity”, and we have seen people like Susan Sontag making statements like “the white race is the cancer of human history”.

So when it comes to hearing extreme anti-white statements, that in itself is nothing new. But what I reacted to was the fact how nonchalant and indifferent she was about it. There was no hatred in her voice and perhaps there wasn’t even a conscious malicious intent behind her statement.

She just basically said with a straight face on television that genocide of an entire race of people is not only inevitable but perfectly alright, as long as she can “feel” Norwegian. It amazed me how unsympathetic she was. I mean how cold can you get? What if it was her ethnic people that faced extinction? I doubt she would remain as uncaring.

These kind of arguments aren’t just a contradiction or wrong, it’s pure evil.

But the thing that agitated me the most wasn’t the above. Although anti-whites always manage to find new ways to surprise you when you think things can’t get any worse, the major thing that angered me was the so called “respectable conservatives” in this video.

What was their reaction? Did they condemn her evil statement? Did they try to point out the contradiction behind her statement? Did they try to confront her statement at all? Nope.

They didn’t even react to it, instead they continued to talk about economics and other things.

And perhaps the most troubling thing of all is that most likely the majority of people who watched this at home probably didn’t even react to it either like I did. Most people would most likely not have seen anything wrong with her statement. Heck, some might even agree with her. And that terrifies me to be honest.

Here we have the head of a so called “anti-racist” organization openly stating on national television that the genocide and great replacement of the national, native ethnic population is inevitable and indicating that it doesn’t matter. In fact, she’s basically saying that it would be inconsiderate to care about it because then she might feel excluded from the Norwegian identity if we suddenly started to care about race or our survival.

How selfish can you get? How many would reason in the same way if this was about Jews, blacks or asians? There would be riots and trials. She would at least most likely have been fined for breaking hate speech laws. But since this is happening towards “the evil whites”, then it’s apparently fine.

No one should be able to deny at this point that “anti-racist” is just a codeword for anti-white.

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