Why You Should Have a “Pro-Us” Rather Than an “Anti-Them” Attitude

One of our main principles is to have a “pro-us” attitude, rather than having an “anti-them” or an “us vs them” attitude (if you haven’t checked out our Statement of Principles we suggest you do so here).

And by “them” in this case we are referring to migrants, or non-whites in general.

Understanding who is to blame

Here’s the thing, while there is no secret that we have enforced policies in all white majority/Western countries that are either directly or indirectly harmful to our people (high crime rates, censorships, demographically becoming a minority etc.), our viewpoint is that the current situation is not the fault of non-whites/third world migrants.

Sure, no one can deny that a lot of certain crimes are very much related to mass immigration (Sweden wasn’t known as the “rape capital of Europe” before they decided to become “multicultural” for example), and there are indeed many muslims who are actively working to spread Islam in our countries.

However, we believe these matters to be symptoms, a byproduct of having multiculturalism and an open border policy (similar trends can be seen in all white majority countries with the multicultural agenda).

As for the main issue, or root cause to the current situation, we believe it to be mainly caused by the anti-white elite/establishment and the anti-white mentality and policies they promote. After all it is our anti-white leaders and politicians who are responsible for the current policies and politics that has lead to the indirect symptoms included the ones mentioned above (as well as the mass media for constantly promoting these policies and causing status quo).

Another factor to take into account is that we can’t really blame people for choosing to come to our countries. It’s not a coincidence that people from the Middle East or Africa travel across the globe and across plenty of safe zones in order to arrive in Germany or Sweden for example.

Does this mean that they are not responsible for their own actions? Of course they are, but they are economic migrants who are taking advantage of the system, which is a system that is designed and uphold by our anti-white leaders and politicians. We wouldn’t have these policies to begin with if people didn’t suffer from this anti-white mindset that is so widespread in our community.

Just as there are people who are anti-Semitic and people who are anti-Muslim, we see that there are people who are anti-white. We also see that the anti-white way of thinking is so normal in our society that many take it for granted and that people do not realize it before it is pointed out to them.

Staying on message

Another reason we don’t believe in the “anti-them” approach is because it is very counter-productive. Not only will you distant yourself even more from the general public who will simply regard you as a “hateful racist”, but by choosing this path you will unavoidably get side tracked and eventually lose track of the main issue, which is the demographic issue.

The reason why we believe the demographic issue to be the main issue, and not crime rates, Islam, cultures or economic factors etc., is because we see the demographic issue from a moral perspective.

Even if all of the immigrants did not commit any crimes, adapted to our cultures and beliefs and actually boosted our economy, it would still not justify our people becoming a minority in our homelands, which is morally wrong.

What we mean by morally wrong is simply the fact that if it was another nationality or race of people that were being replaced, more people would intuitively see it as wrong. But when this happens to whites, even in Europe, we do not currently recognize it in the same way. But this is what we want to change.

Nowadays people in general are already aware of the obvious negative aspects of mass immigration (which is why Trump won and why major anti-immigration parties are growing in influence in Europe). It is time to shift the focus to the moral aspect of it all, and to direct our attention to those responsible.

Understanding it’s not a zero-sum game

Another point to drive home within this topic is the fact that we should aim to take action with the right intentions. Your main drive to get involved and highlight these issues should be because you love your people and that you want to secure a future for our people. It shouldn’t be about hate or hating others since that is not a healthy emotional drive to have to begin with. At least not long-term.

As we are not driven by hate, and simply want our people to have a future, we do not respond to hateful messages nor do we wish to include any approach in our work that can be deemed as negative or hateful. We believe that we can reach our goals with a positive outlook. And hopefully you do too!

After all, a future for our people does not exclude a future for other people or races.

Thus, “pro-us” does not equal “anti-them”.

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