Statement of Principles

The situation we have today is that we white people are becoming a minority in our own countries. Our viewpoint is that this development is morally wrong. After all, had it been done to any other group of people most people would view it as something bad.

Like many others, we feel that it is our obligation to inform our people about what is actually happening. We also work with the purpose of providing people with the necessary tools and mindset to counter the widely established anti-white mentality, which we believe to be a root cause to the problems we are facing today.

Instead of having a negative attitude about the matter, or choosing to focus on symptoms rather than the core issue, we want to show that it is possible to make a difference with a positive outlook.

We also want show people out there that there are in fact peaceful solutions to these challenges, and help them understand that a future for our people does not exclude a future for other peoples and races. After all, it is in general not inhumane for Africans to live in Africa or for Asians to live in Asia.

Therefore with this in mind, we at This is Europa are working in accordance with our believes that:

  • A future for our people does not exclude a future for other peoples. We have the same right to a homeland just as any other people have.
  • Supporting politics that leads to a future world without us White people is immoral. If this happened towards another group of people it would have been recognized to be morally wrong. If it were to be objectively proven without any doubt that all races were equal, or that other races were much better in every possible way than whites, it would still not justify doing away with our people.
  • The present trends in which we will become a minority, and eventually stop existing is intentional and not something that is just happening, as the current development is being justified by people with an anti-white mindset.
  • Focusing on the main issue ( the anti-white mentality and the consequences thereof ) is the way to go, and not on symptoms such as crime rates, religion, cultures or economic factors. Even if all of the immigrants did not commit any crimes, adapted to our cultures and beliefs and actually boosted our economy, it would still not justify our people becoming a minority in our homelands, i.e. genocide.
  • Two wrongs do not make a right. Some centuries ago a lot of white Europeans were refugees and sought a better place to live. It was probably no conspiracy of the individuals fleeing Europe to take the land away from the Indians, for example, but it became the consequence. Equally, it does not need to be the intention from people fleeing to Europe to take over but eventually it will be the consequence. But clarifying this again, the problem is not refugees that are fleeing, but the problem is the anti-white mindset.
  • This situation is not the fault of non-whites, rather it is caused by the anti-white elite/establishment and the anti-white mentality and policies they promote. Just as there are people who are anti-Semitic and people who are anti-Muslim, we see that there are people who are anti-white. We also see that the anti-white way of thinking is so normal in our society that many take it for granted and do not realize it before it is pointed out to them.
  • The actual replacement of our people needs to be taken into consideration and be of the highest priority. It is something that needs to be viewed as weighing higher than some people’s wishes to let non-whites stay in our countries long-term. After all, our people’s chances to live on in the future is more important than migrants’ wish to live in a particular place. We understand that refugees want to search for a better place to live, and at the same time we also believe that they will understand and agree to our position if explained in a proper way.
  • As we are not driven by hate, and simply want our people to have a future, we do not respond to hateful messages nor do we wish to include any approach in our work that can be deemed as negative or hateful. We believe that we can reach our goals with a positive outlook.
  • While what is happening to our people today is wrong and immoral, we believe that we can have good and peaceful solutions to it. We do not believe it is inhumane for Africans to live in Africa or Asians to live in Asia. We have a more positive view of non-white countries in the sense that we do not think that white countries are the only good place to live in or is an ultimate safe haven.

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