Style and Class – How To Find Your Way Back To European Ideals

That people used to look better a few decades ago, in almost every way, is no big secret. There are many reasons as to why that is the case, and this makes up part of what I will tell you about today, as well as pressing the importance of returning to a better standard of appearance. This is mostly for men, since I myself am a man and rightfully know very little about dresses!

Why Fashion Took a Turn for the Worse

The clothes do make the man, or the woman. Clothing influences our attitudes as well as how people react towards us, and no one in their right mind would say otherwise. Back before the mid 1960’s, people used to generally look pretty slick. Even dock workers and day labourers often looked something like what we today would call “hipsters”. What happened to us? The answers are many, but it all started with the rest of the grand problems of today, namely the wave of cultural Marxism that transformed society in all aspects after 1968. It has not only made men and women enemies and caused a collapse in terms of culture and values; it also has had a negative impact on fashion and appearance for both men and women. Men nowadays tend to dress sloppy, and tend to dress the same way as when they were boys. Baggy jeans, sneakers and loose fitted hoodies outside the comfort of one’s home seem to have become the norm for many men today. Likewise, it is not unusual to see pierced “rebellious and liberated” women with some odd hair dye and ‘seductive’ clothing (to say the least).

Does this mean that all changes have been bad and that everything that came before was good? No, but the point we are making is that we do not dress like Europeans anymore, because we no longer have a distinct European identity. The outside will always be an outer expression of what is inside.

The distinct style of the past, that we now deem as “classic” and “well groomed”, is European in its origin, and we believe that it reflects more of who we are culturally than the modern fashion sense described above. Thankfully, the last couple of years have seen the return of many good things from before the anti-culture revolution of 1968.

The Re-Emergence of the Traditional European styleglasses-888536

We can now see how things like waxed moustaches, undercut pomaded hairstyles, sports jackets, suits, nice shirts, normal pants, stylish leather shoes and many other things are coming back, especially for men. Women’s fashion is lagging behind somewhat, but even there the return to plain stylish clothing, often without cleavage or huge brands or prints, is starting to become more common. This is not a coincidence at all, but rather a natural response. Few can avoid taking notice of how people in our society are starting to shed anti-culture more and more. It is simply because we want a better and prettier world than the mess created by the 68-leftist, liberal anti-Whites. It is rather funny that many leftists, or so called “hipsters”, are the ones who often dress in the traditional styles and have started avoiding modern ugliness in favour of the rugged, the qualitative and the classic.

Do We Really Want To Be Viewed as “Hipsters”?

Even if many who dress like this are not on our side, we should definitely support that particular wave of good culture (unless it is iromnic) and make sure that fashion grows toward a style of quality and so forth. Looking good is not only good for yourself and your appearance, but it also makes others follow your example. There is a reason why politicians and people in important positions dress the way they do. Nobody would take them seriously if they did not look sharp.

But perhaps you might feel reluctant to dress up if you are not in a formal environment, however dressing to look good does not mean that you have to put on a top hat and wear a suit to work every day. You can go a long way with a pair of chinos and a nice fitted shirt.


taking action

As pro-White Europeans, we have a great opportunity to be an example to others. Fashion follows public opinion and public opinion follows fashion; if people look good then they will influence society to go in a certain direction; one which is likely to be less anti-White if we look at current trends!

Where Do You Begin?

A wardrobe is not something that you replace just overnight, it is going to take some time unless you make a lot of money, and you will likely replace one or two items at a time. Start by getting rid of garish items of clothing, and replace them with more quality and stylish garments. For example, instead of jeans try to wear a pair of chinos. Instead of a printed t-shirt, try a clean dress shirt. And instead of sneakers, try to wear a pair of nice looking leather shoes. A basic wardrobe with components like this will make it very easy to dress with style and variation. A diversified wardrobe really does not need that many clothes.

Replacing most of your wardrobe may take a year or two, but it will be well worth the effort in the end. What is the accepted high standard of everyday wear will vary from area to area. If you live in a rural area, you probably cannot strut around in a full business suit all day without people giving you a funny look. What I do is that I often wear chequered shirts, trousers and nice leather shoes. If the occasion calls for it, or if I go somewhere more urban, I can don the proper attire.

Hair and Beard

Grow your hair into a proper hairstyle, and use pomade or gel. It is strongly recommended that you visit the blog “The Art of Manliness” in Count Robert de Montesquiou,1897order to get good style advice. If you are a man and can grow a moustache, you may want to give it a try and put some wax in it. There are countless nice beard/moustache styles out there, from the mutton chop and the horseshoe to the grandest of them all: the handlebar. Grow your style in a positive manner organically over time, but be aware of where you are going. For example, growing a proper beard takes time, so avoid trimming it down for at least three months. In the meantime, use wax and a comb to train the moustache to grow sideways. Yes, that is how it works. You can change the direction of your hair growth over time by applying wax and combing it to the sides. Some of you are going to have hairs growing in all directions because you use circular motion shaving machines. STOP using those completely and revert to proper razors. I am somewhat of a wax expert, and I would say that using Bounder wax or Captain Fawcett is probably the best. If you have a strained wallet, there are cheap but good brands like Clubman.

If you live or work in a hot environment, you may want a harder wax, but for most people in most environments the ones with bee wax and petrolatum are just fine. You can also protect the outside of the handlebar from water, heat and stickiness by applying a thin layer of hair gel after the wax. Otherwise you are going to find the tips slouching, breaking apart and your fingers will be sticky all the time from adjusting it – or just from twirling it when you are thinking.


What we can also notice is that men in the old days tended to look manlier. They moved around and did more things physically than we do now. They also did not eat a lot of sugar, toxic chemical foods or margarine. They ate proper home-cooked meals, worked hard and often trained hard. So that is basically what you will have to do if you want to transform yourself from a modern low-testosterone pale garden slug into a proper man. Get rid of processed food and start cooking with good pure ingredients. Start frequenting a gym and lift weights, get rid of that belly and develop your body.

So What is the Ideal?

It will of course vary. As for fashion and style, I personally admire everything from Victorian England or the styles of Bavaria and Hungary in the 1800’s and 1930’s Germany. The latter is for the cut of Hugo Boss clothing and the perhaps one of the greatest hairstyles of all time: the pomaded side-parted undercut. Personally, the ideal for me is to have a great hairstyle like that along with a good moustache. Some of you will want to grow that moustache into a beard, or be smooth-shaven, and that is absolutely fine. If your beard growth is bad, it is better to keep your face clean shaven.

But of course, how you look is not the only important thing or the only thing that makes you European, it is of course how you behave and how you are that will define you as a person. But proper clothing will do wonders for your self-esteem and how people view you, I guarantee it.

Something To Remember

We are not few. We are hundreds of thousands of people all over Europe. If we all, over time, start being beacons of proper physique, grooming and fashion, we are going to have a huge impact on other people. In the end, it will be worth those extra five or ten minutes in the morning, not just for you, but for Western culture too. I strongly advise you again to visit the great page “The Art of Manliness” and to absorb as much as you can from there, then integrate it into how you look and act. Now, have at it!

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Painted Lady

As a woman, I would love to see men dress and look more old fashioned!

Marco Antonio

Excellent article, by the way.

Marco Antonio

The worst is when europeans want to dress up like afro-american “gangstas”. It’s like you have a quality steak but want to eat at McDonald.

Mikael Ternedahl

I agree with Marco! Well put brother!


I Agree as well

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