Understanding Why Some People Don’t Care if Whites Would Get Replaced or Die Out

If you look up World War 2 in a history book and read about all the things the nazis did, one thing that is usually brought up is the fact that they compared and associated Jews with negative things such as greed, laziness and wickedness.

Today, liberals and leftist often warn that the same type of negative association is occurring between Muslims and terrorism. They also often want to remind people that it is dehumanizing to associate a group of people, ethnic or religious, in a negative way.

However, the same people who say it is horrible to associate an ethnic or religious group in a negative way have no problems whatsoever to associate whites with racism and oppression.

How this impacts our identity

This results in that so many people today have a negative view and association to our identity, whether it be a national identity such as English or German, or a common identity such as white/European.

It is also important to mention that it is not only a negative view of our identity in the present that people hold, but also a negative view of our identity in the past. Many think of whites as slaveholders, or of European colonial powers, when they think about our history. It is quite rare to hear any person on the political left say anything positive about our history.

All groups have done negative things in the past but a person with an anti-white mindset will emphasize the things whites have done wrong and ignore the things we have done which is good. Likewise, they ignore the things that non-westerners did which was wrong and they emphasize what they did which was good.

From our viewpoint there seem to be only negative associations to our identity as white/Europeans.

The reason behind this way of thinking

We believe this is important in understanding why so many have an anti-white mindset. If we look upon another example of an identity to which nobody has any good associations, namely the KKK, we see that nobody wants to secure a future for that group. Most people want to see it gone. This is a very logical conclusion. If you identify something as bad/evil you would want it to disappear.

Since multiculturalists associate whites with racism and oppression, they see all the structures that upholds our European nations as structures that upholds racism and oppression. That seems to be the reason they want to “deconstruct” Western nations and everything that remind them of whiteness. In their eyes they are not doing away with whites, they are doing away with racism and oppression. They will never stop doing that as long as they associate whites in such a bad way.

Our goal is to make them see that in reality they are not doing away with racism and oppression, but they are actually doing away with a racial group of people, namely whites. And that it is, by their own standards, genocide. That is also the reason we say that they are not anti-racists but they are anti-white.

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We need to set up our own platforms and structures for learning and fund raising and internet use as the current ones are all anti white and silence us.

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