“This is great content. Some of the most important information I’ve ever seen. I hope everyone will share this video.”
“Thank you for taking the time to put this together. This is so beautifully simple and yet so complex.”
“Found you through youtube, excellent videos, it’s material like that which gives me faith in the return of the sun again, as deep in our long night there are moments it feels it never ends. This is our winter, but spring will return! Europeans can and will wake up.
Keep the amazing, inspiring videos coming!”
“I love your first video so much still! I can’t get over still after seeing it first a year ago how much it makes me sad and enraged at the same time! I love how you present your stuff in such a respectable manner and not over the top neo-nazi like because it makes this page and the videos so much more approachable to the average person so they realize it’s not a neo nazi thing to love your race history and culture.”
“This is such a brilliantly done video….. So comprehensive, so we’ll spelled out, I hope it goes to as many readers as possible!! Extraordinary!! And, sadly, true. Brilliant!”
“Videos like this are perfect for spreading the very important message that there is a very real, albeit gradual, genociding of Caucasians unfolding. Its concise, short (good for the average viewer’s limited attention span).”
“Your inspirational videos are unlke ANYTHING I have seen and hope you continute to produce more!”

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Anti-Whites Debunked

Douglas Murray show in practice how to be passively on the offensive when dealing with people with an anti-White mindset in real life. Take note of he points out their contradictions in a calm and

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