What is This is Europa and What Do We Stand For

Realizing their agenda and that people who call themselves “anti-racist” have an anti-White mindset, and therefore is anti-White, This is Europa was established in 2012 with the purpose of spreading awareness of the current policies that is forcing our people into a minority status in our own countries. This is defined as genocide in the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide and we wish to inspire people to take action against it, which is the morally right thing to do, while at the same time share the beauty of Europe and our culture to the world.

This is Europa is a growing community consisting of all types of people who share the belief that our people should continue to live on in the future. Today we are one of the largest pro-White communities online with over 80.0000 followers on Facebook and counting. We have produced dozens of videos including documentaries which has been well-received and watched by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

In our channels, we want to show that it is possible to make a difference with a positive outlook and by using legal means only. We want show others that there are in fact peaceful solutions to these challenges, and help them understand that a future for our people does not exclude a future for other peoples and races. After all, it is not inhumane for Africans to live in Africa or Asians to live in Asia.

We are positive that we have ideas that can be useful for the future of our people and the ability to reach and attract a large audience and similar minded people who understand our ideas and can help us develop them further and ultimately implement them.

If you believe in what we do, and want to help us spread our ideas, consider supporting us.

Current Situation

Today, profound demographic changes are deliberately taken place in all White countries with the means of non-stop Third World massive immigration. Due to these politics, we White Europeans are on our way on becoming a minority in our own countries if present trends continues. This phenomenon, combined with the process of forced integration and forced assimilation,  is also commonly referred to as White genocide.

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Taking Action

A lot of people agree that immigration is out of control and that the situation is not as good as it can be. After all, the consequences of present-day politics are in fact morally wrong. The challenge is that if we want to get our people to take action we have to show them a better alternative and a better way of approaching the subject. One goal is to being able to point out what is wrong with the present trends, by exposing its contradictions. Another is to actually show a far better and more appealing alternative and a future vision. We in This is Europa aim to do both.

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Support Us

We want you include you in our work and are grateful for any contributions that you have to offer, whether it is a set of skills, your expertise, financial aid or any type of assistance that you think will aid us and our work.

We may come from different countries and cultural backgrounds, whether it is in Europe or across the seas, but it is the love of our people and our common goals to secure our future that brings us all together.


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